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Victor Stein



Victor Stein and his wife Janet were geniuses with technology and electronics and apparently made a fortune by inventing a device that removes the stickers from cds. But this was only their cover their true lives lied in the pride a group of six couples with unique ablilities that were enlisted as servants to the Gibborim The STeins were known as The Wise Men. In exchange for giving them an innocent soul every year for 25 years they and the other 10 members of the pride would rule the planet for the next 25 years. Victor and Janet built the storage unit that trapped the soul for the Gibborim to feast on.

Victor and janet had one child Chase Stein who turned out to be nothing like his parents and had very mediocre grades. Due to this Victor was very abusive to chase and beat him with the burbank phone book.

Victor and the other members of the pride were killed when the Runaways ruined the rite of Thunder and the Gibborim killed them.


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