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Vladimir OrekhovVolkh



Vladimir Orekhov was one of the first Russian scientists to become a cosmonaut. On his first space flight, Orekhov's ship was bombarded by cosmic radiation which gave his body elastic properties similar to those of the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards.

Orekhov became the leader of a team he dubbed the Bogatyri - the "Valiant champions of elder days" in Russian folklore. Taking the name Volkh, after the Bogatyri who could transform his shape, Orekhov sought to start a second Cold War by using a "Quick Freeze Crystal" to blanket the North American continent with ice.

Volkh's plan was defeated by the combined efforts of the Avengers West Coast and Wolverine who kept the Bogatyri at bay whilst the Scarlet Witch used a hex bolt to melt the crystal.



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