The Head of Mimir

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Heimdall Leads First Heroic Fantasy Prose Novel Set in Marvel's 'Legends of Asgard' Line

'The Head of Mimir' arrives on October 6, but you can preview the excerpt now!



Volstagg is the large and boisterous member of the Warriors Three, which were among the many champions of Asgard. Their heroic exploits brought them notoriety. The Warriors Three membership also consists of Hogun, and Fandral. These three adventurers fought many battles to protect their beloved Asgard. Volstagg was the heart of the group, though his boisterous nature often brought trouble to himself and the others. Together, they often fight by the side of Odin's son, Thor God of Thunder. Together they have thwarted the schemes of the lord of lies Loki many times. While on a mission to find the missing god Odin, Volstagg and his band of merry men battled Sporr, the Stone Men of Saturn, Grey Gargoyle, Soul-Survivors and the massive entity known as the Soul Eater.

Volstagg and his band, were presumed dead, after the trigger of "Ragnarok" by Thor. In reality his soul, like all the others who perished in the Ragnarok, somehow got trapped within a human being. When Thor returned from the dead and started to bring the other Asgardians back. Volstagg was among the first found and freed, along with his two friends Hogun and Fandral. He now resides in new Asgard, which Thor reconstructed near the old Route 66 in Oklahoma.











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