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After leaving the confines of the place called Knowhere, Nova was caught by the Vore while traveling through dimensional space on his way to the home world of the Phalanx, Kvch. His enemies, the Phalanx controlled Gamora and Drax, were also seized by this cosmic predator looking for food to feed its unborn young. Soon realizing they would not survive the dire situation at odds with each other, Nova and Gamora fought side by side as they did against the forces of Annihilus. Only this time they were fighting the extremely hungry unborn offspring of the Vore. They finally escaped once they unwittingly made it inside the birthing canal of the creature. As the young were expelled into the universe, Nova and Gamora were also freed from their living prison. However, Gamora was still going to slay Nova, but a previous warning telling Nova he shouldn’t trust her, turned the tides on the deadly beauty. Nova stunned Gamora and flew back inside the Vore only to find Drax and leave her in his care. Nova escaped the Vore once more, leaving his enemies inside the beast, and continued on the course set for him by the head of security on Knowhere, Cosmo. The Vore yet lives in the space between dimensions waiting for more unlucky individuals to stumble across its path.






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Unrevealed, if any

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