Not much has been revealed regarding the origin and early history of the German hero known as Vormund. He made his first public appearance as Hauptmann Deustchland by kidnapping the Nazi villain known as the Red Skull. He infiltrated the Skull's Washington D.C. headquarters in disguise, sparring with the Skull as his sparring partner before revealing himself as Hauptmann Deutschland (Captain Germany), a national hero in the vein of Captain America. The Hauptmann was assigned to capture the Red Skull and return him to Germany to stand trial for his war crimes. He was opposed by agents of the Skull, the Skeleton Crew, but he defeated them all. When the Skull escaped and returned to D.C., the Hauptmann followed him, hoping to violently confront him. The Hauptmann was opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers), who calmed the Hauptmann and help him uncover the fugitive Skull. Instead, they found an apparent corpse of the Skull, and, believing the villain to be dead, the Hauptmann returned to Germany.

Later, Hauptmann Deustchland, now calling himself Vormund, appeared to confront the villain Zeitgeist, who had killed Vormund's associate, Blitzkrieger. Vormund helped Captain America track down the hero-killing Zeitgeist. During the battle, the energy from Zeitgeist's sword was absorbed and redirected by Vormund. The energy struck Zeitgeist in the heart, killing him, and Vormund soon returned to Germany.









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