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Ruler of the hidden dimension realm of Elsewhen, Warlord Kargul opposed the evil machinations of Hallan Gorko, better known as Demonstaff. Kargul had given a safe haven to Gorko’s estranged wife, Ellene, after she had been accidentally sucked into a dimensional rift and eventually brought to his world. When Beta Ray Bill, Dargo Ktor, and Thunderstrike appeared in his dimension, Warlord Kargul assumed they were sent by Demonstaff to procure Ellene and immediately conjured a spell to transport them back in time to World War II. Using his Imaging Pool, Kargul can see into various dimensions which is how he knew about Gorko’s plan to end all reality. He assembled his armies to wage inter-dimensional war on Demonstaff in order to ensure his insane scheme would not come to fruition even as the Thor Corps snuck back into his realm. The three hammer wielding warriors manage to find Ellene Gorko, but she had no desire to return with them as she informed her would be saviors that Kargul has vowed to protect her while her husband would see her dead.

Warlord Kargul opened a portal to Earth and led his armies through so that they may find Demonstaff and put an end to his treachery. They managed to find their target at the same time as a group of hired assassins called the Sanitation Squad spotted him. The Squad fired first and killed Demonstaff only to be chased away by Kargul’s barbarian horde. Demonstaff was unmasked, but it was not Hallan Gorko under the mask. It was Gorko’s former associate, Mr. Dunbar, who lied dead at Kargul’s feet. Back on the world of Elsewhen, Ellene banished the members of the Thor Corps to different timelines using the equipment in the warlord’s castle. Kargul had returned to his dimension even as Demonstaff began merging the realities with one another, but help was not far away as the one true Thor arrived with his brothers-in-arms looking for information to the whereabouts of Demonstaff. Gorko also invaded Eleswhen and abducted Dargo, but the Thor Corps gave chase. Warlord Kargul watched in his Imaging Pool as reality caved in on itself and feared there was no hope of survival. Ellene jumped into the pool even as Kargul tried to stop her, so that she could confront her husband to show him the error of his ways. Ellene was successful in reasoning with Demonstaff, and he reversed all the damage he caused.

Kargul, not being a vengeful ruler, decided that banishment, instead of death, to a trackless void would be a suitable punishment for Demonstaff. Kargul also showed mercy when he allowed an insistent Ellene to join her husband in his fate, so that he would not spend his days alone. Warlord Kargul left the void and went back to the realm of Elsewhen where he presumably still resides today.








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