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Washout first appeared as a potential recruit for the X-Force strike team in tryouts run by Solomon O'Sullivan. Exactly how Washout was then recruited into Weapon X is unknown, but it is clear that he revels in his status as an agent. Unfortunately for him, he possesses an abrasive ebullience and horrible sense of humor that quickly makes working with him nearly unbearable. It seems that the Director purposely makes uses of this "talent" of Washout's when he pairs him with fellow agents whom the Director wants to keep off balance. An example of this usage was Washout's first known mission, in which he was paired with Agent Jackson to find the teleporter named Locus. Sabretooth beat the agents to Locus and killed her, so Washout has yet to participate in official action.

Shortly after joining, Washout began dehydrating, and realized it was a side-effect of the enhancements given to him by Weapon X. He was apparently contacted by Cable and brought into the Underground movement to discredit and destroy the program. In his final act he attacked the Director and nearly killed him before dying himself. The Director survived, and considered Washout a failure, but Washout did accomplish his mission: in reality, the attack was simply a diversion to allow the Underground to infiltrate Weapon X.









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