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The mysterious mercenary known as White Raven, was employed by the Titan, Thanos to retrieve an unknown artifact from a celebrated comet of legends. She was informed that the comet would be passing through her sector of the universe for the first time in ages. Thinking that this was an easy payday she accepted the mission, however, while approaching the comet her ship was attacked by a Skrull space craft. She quickly disposed of the Skrulls and proceeded to the comet. There she was met by an automated guardian, which posed little or no opposition whatsoever. The guardian escorted her to the location of the power source, where she witnessed the Survivor, turning over a huge crystal like object to the Herald of Galactus, known as the Silver Surfer. White Raven quickly blasted the Survivor, causing him to drop the Crystal, which shattered on the ground and released the powerful Elder Demon, which was imprisoned within it. The Surfer became enraged at White Raven for taking the life of the Survivor, but still found the compassion for life to safeguard her form the attack of the Elder Demon. Baffled at the heroic action of the Surfer, White Raven re-evaluated her perception of the situation, and decided to return the favor by impaling the Elder Demon with her ship causing a massive explosion, appearing to have killed the Elder Demon. White Raven and the Silver Surfer departed with a mutual respect for each other. She left for parts unknown pondering her continued purpose in life. When or if we will ever see her again remains unknown.






White no visible pupils


Red with white streaks

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