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Stanley Stewart is a native of the alternate Earth (Earth-S) on which the organization of the superhuman champions known as the Squadron Supreme arose. Stewart had become a postal worker, marrying his wife Madeline and rearing his daughter, Tina. However, when passing through a fogbank of unknown origin, Stewart found himself capable of moving at superhuman speeds. Stewart became the masked champion known as the Whizzer. As the Whizzer, Stewart had a highly successful career as a crimefighter. Eventually, the Whizzer became a founding member of the Squadron Supreme.

Stewart participated in all of the Squadron's activities, including its decision to implement their "Utopia Program," whereby they intended to eliminate all the major problems besetting their nation, such as crime and hunger. Stewart also joined several members of the team in publicly revealing their identities as a gesture of good faith.

After several months of implementing the program, the Squadron was openly opposed by the Redeemers, a team dedicated to opposing the Squadron's "Utopian" rule. The battle was devastating, and the Squadron was convinced to dismantle the Utopia Program.

Before the Squadron could fully dismantle their program, a white being of immense size began to grow and threaten to devour the Sun. Members of the Squadron, including the Whizzer, sought help from various avenues and boarded a space ship to battle their mysterious foe. The threat was thwarted thanks to Arcanna's newborn son, but when the team tried to return to Earth, they found themselves exiled to the Avengers' reality. Stewart stood by the other Squadron members during their time trapped on Earth.

Later, when the Squadron had been duped into attacking the Avengers by Imus Champion, the Avengers found themselves able to use one of Champion's pieces of equipment to send the Squadron back to their native dimension. The team returned to find their world completely different than they had left it. The people of Earth-S had grown weary of the constant natural, political, and social upheavals that had plagued the world in recent years, largely because of the presence of the Squadron. Instead, they elected leaders into a Global Directorate with far-reaching and invasive political powers. The enigmatic Mysterium implored the Squadron to fix what had begun by their Utopia efforts, charging them with re-forming the founding members of their team. The new Squadron thought Master Menace behind the tyrannical regime, but found him to be only a pawn of the Global Directorate. The Squadron rescued Menace and returned him to their new headquarters on Utopia Isle, which was left abandoned by the Power Princess' people. The team dedicated themselves to their new role, that of freedom fighters and champions of the oppressed.




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