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Distraught over the death of his wife and children over three years ago, Stuart Whyte wanted revenge against the airline that inadvertently caused this horrible tragedy. Wearing a stealth harness that he developed for the military, he began his assault on the offices of Skyways Express to begin his payback with its Chief Executive Officer. He did not go unnoticed, however, and soon Thunderstrike was at the scene to stop him. Sympathizing with the man’s plight, Thunderstrike was momentarily distracted and enabled Whyteout to “whiteout” the room and some of his body. Leaping at his foe, Thunderstrike’s attack was easily evaded in his disoriented state, and before he knew it, he had leapt through a window and fell several stories to the ground below. Whyteout escaped without further incident.

Later, Whyteout erected a white shield around one of the runways at JFK Airport and took a Skyways Express jet hostage. His plans of revenge were interrupted a second time when Thunderstrike, once again, opposed him. Using his weapons and the hidden objects around him, Whyteout stood a chance of defeating his foe and exacting his revenge, but it all came to an end when Thunderstrike used the power from his enchanted mace to disrupt the white shield and damage Whyteout’s harness. While Thunderstrike was attempting to reason with a defeated Whyteout, Bloodaxe killed Stuart Anthony Whyte in cold blood with an energy blast from his enchanted axe.









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