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The story of Rahne Sinclair is a sad one. An only child, Rahne's mutant powers emerged during the culling of Scotland by the Horseman of Apocalypse known as Mikhail. Her parents attempted to hide her but failed. The young girl was discovered by Mikhail's hounds and brought before him alongside her parents. Mikhail made her beg for her parents' lives, making her pledge allegiance to Apocalypse. Through tears, she promised her life to Apocalypse. Rasputin thanked her for her pledge and reduced her parents to ash anyway. Unable to cope with these horrible actions, she reverted completely to her wolf form.

After that ordeal, she was shipped to the Dark Beast's labs. The Dark Beast took her on as a special project, believing that she could be his key to reverting from his bestial form to his human form. While a captive of the Dark Beast her feral abilities were pushed beyond their limits. For months she remained in her wolf state, never straying far from the Dark Beast's side in his laboratory.

During the final battle with Apocalypse and after the Dark Beast teleported away in the M'Kraan Crystal, Rahne wandered the ruins of New York City in her wolf form. Discovered by Wild Child during an X-Men patrol, Rahne was brought to Magneto. With the help of the X-Men, and the now missing Wild Child, Rahne was able to regain her transitional wolf girl form but is still unable to revert to her full human self. So far, through counseling and great effort, Rahne has been able to keep her animal side at bay, but there is always a worry that she will not be able to control herself when the X-Men might need her the most.

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