Wonder Man (Earth-58163)

Simon WilliamsWonder Man



Simon Williams claims he gained his powers during an industrial accident, but not even he truly remembers how he became Wonder Man. Although he is not an official mutant, he has been embraced by the mutant community as one of their own. He is currently working on his television series, "Me and Mine."

While his exploits as a superhuman have been less than impressive, Simon is known more for his romantic exploits. It has been rumored that he even dated Magneto's human daughter, Wanda. Simon has consistently denied this and claims he was just in Genosha on a charity visit. Currently he is dating the world's most famous superhuman, Ms. Marvel. As usual, Williams is remaining coy about this relationship. Regardless, Simon is one of the tabloids' favorite television stars.




380 lbs.


Red (permeated with shifting spots of ionic energy, no visible irises)



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