X-Cutioner (Carl Denti)

Carl DentiX-Cutioner

Striving to make the world a better place, X-Cutioner vows to hunt down mutant criminals.


X-MEN ANNUAL (1970) #17 cover by Jason Pearson, Mark Farmer, Kevin Tinsley, and Ericka Moran


Meet the X-Cutioner, an Anti-Mutant Crusader

Who is X-Cutioner? Meet Carl Denti, a former F.B.I. agent whose twisted sense of justice led him to launch a one-man war against mutantkind.

fighting skills



With a mind for advanced weaponry and a trained fighter, X-Cutioner uses his skills to eliminate mutants who escape justice.


Judge, Jury and X-Cutioner

On his 12th birthday, Carl Denti hears that his military father was killed by friendly fire. Growing up, Denti serves 10 years with the FBI, and comes to learn the truth, that his father was shot by his lieutenant for killing multiple soldiers under his command. 

In Denti’s early 40s, when his FBI mentor and X-Men ally Fred Duncan dies, he learns Duncan had stockpiled advanced technology, secretly collected during his FBI and X-Men exploits. Inspired by the vigilante Frank Castle, AKA Punisher, Denti uses the weaponry to become the X-Cutioner to punish mutants Duncan’s files described as escaping justice.


Tech Savvy

Carl Denti is intelligent enough to study, understand and improve a variety of technology, even extraterrestrial. He is also a trained fighter with years of self-guided experience. As X-Cutioner, he carries a variety of power lances, including a Shi’ar psilance, a Z’nox energy weapon capable of piercing Colossus’ armored hide, and another that ejects a projectile restraint gel, similar to Skrull restraints. His gloves release painful neuro-charges on contact and contain wrist-mounted Shi’ar plasma slicer missiles. X-Cutioner’s Siris force field, Culthan prison guard helmet and Shi’ar omnium-mesh battle armor can withstand repeated superhuman strikes. His Z’nox sensors can penetrate most terrestrial cloaking devices while Sentinel Mark I bioscans pinpoint mutant locations and identify unique DNA. His Sidri cloaking device can fool most Earth technology, but does not disguise natural scent. 

X-Cutioner uses prototype Sentinel propul-units for short flights and can teleport through time and space via Culthan stargate or by “piggybacking” on another system, such as Cable’s time travel technology. 

X-Cutioner has access to other equipment, such as brainwave-linked laser-equipped anti-gravity drones, strength-enhancing gloves and boots, chest-mounted energy blasters, and handheld stargate devices. 

X-Cutioner maintains a secret sub-basement in Washington, D.C.’s FBI headquarters, and has bases in an Oklahoma missile silo and a space station near an unidentified black hole, which he accesses via stargate.


Mutant Targets

As X-Cutioner, he kills Edward Pasternak, AKA Tower, before targeting Jason Wyngarde, AKA Mastermind. When the X-Men intervene, X-Cutioner deals Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus, massive physical trauma before teleporting away to escape Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm

X-Cutioner later targets the Hellfire Club’s White Queen, Emma Frost, for her failure to prevent the loss of the Hellions, a group of her young mutant students. He also targets Anna Marie, AKA Rogue, for her role in the death of her childhood sweetheart, and Angelo Espinosa, AKA Skin, for crimes he believed they committed, but is driven away each time; when his investigation proves Skin’s innocence, Denti begins questioning his actions. 


Allies in the Cause

Denti works with the Punisher, the vigilante that inspired him, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Kymberly Taylor though his loyalty is touch and go as he conducts his own side investigation. 

He uses his civilian identity to get his vigilante identity hired to take down mutants, making an ally of Elysian Enterprises. 

X-Cutioner also hires a trio of mercenaries and dubs them the Firing Squad, a group that he leads to capture master thief and mutant Remy LeBeau, AKA Gambit. He later joins the Homines Verendi, an anti-mutant group led by former Inner Circle members. Alongside Josh Glenn, AKA Hate-Monger, he battles the mutant Marauders.


Plans Executed

Denti later worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Kymberly Taylor and then-S.H.I.E.L.D. associate Punisher to protect human/mutant egalitarian Rev. William Conover from assassination by the “Mutant Liberation Front” (secretly Humanity’s Last Stand). Denti was surprised the “MLF” did not appear on his mutant-detecting scanners, and accidentally revealed his dual identity to Punisher while teleporting away from an “MLF” bombing. At Punisher’s suggestion, Denti held a press conference to bait the “MLF,” allowing them to take Denti prisoner so Denti could discover their hideout. After escaping the “MLF” via teleporting, X-Cutioner returned with Punisher and Taylor to attack the “MLF” operation; various news outlets reported their success.

After Gambit stole artifacts Denti was safeguarding for Elysian Enterprises CEO Anwar Anubar, Elysian hired X-Cutioner presumably at Denti’s suggestion. When Gambit outwitted the X-Cutioner, Denti and Elysian mercenaries Mariah Ellenthorpe, Cosmo Stephanapoulus and Jack Farley were fired. Denti recruited the three, outfitted them with advanced weapons and named them the Firing Squad. They captured Rogue to bait Gambit, but Denti secretly worried vengeance had clouded his judgment. Gambit traveled via stargate to X-Cutioner’s space station and defeated the Firing Squad before fighting X-Cutioner. Rogue broke free to help Gambit, destroying the base. Farley escaped, but Ellenthorpe and Stephanapoulus tried to save X-Cutioner; temporarily disoriented by the battle, X-Cutioner believed they were attackers and apparently killed them. Guilt-ridden, Denti wished to die as the base fell into a black hole, but his armor automatically teleported him to Earth. 

After Denti gave up vigilantism, the Commission on Superhuman ActivitiesVal Cooper requested Denti secretly monitor Gambit, but Denti blew his cover to save Gambit from Farley, now called Fireballs, and New Son (Earth-9921) who was using the X-Cutioner armor. Inspired by Gambit’s heroism, Denti arrested Fireballs instead of killing him, while Gambit’s occasional allies the Assassin’s Guild chased away the “X-Cutioner.” Extraterrestrial Heth’sa later found and accessed the armor’s stargate to return to his home planet Culth, leaving the suit behind. Presumably working for both the CSA and FBI, Denti apparently regained the X-Cutioner armor at some point; Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, considered him for the Fifty State Initiative.

He later joins an anti-mutant organization known as Homines Verendi who believed in mankind first. Alongside former members of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle, X-Cutioner helped their money-making efforts in Madripoor and fought against the mutant Marauders.




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