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The complete truth to Adam-X's past still remains clouded in mystery.

Adam-X was unsure of who he was and where he was from. He was taken in by Martin Strong to work for Strong Industries. He had developed a friendship with Michelle Balters (Neurotap), but was later forced to track her down, when she decided to flee from Strong Industries. X-Force arrived on the scene and assumed that Adam-X was the one to be taken down. Under Cable’s command, the members of X-Force made a valiant attempt at bringing Adam-X down, but in the end failed. Adam-X was forced to down the members of X-Force by using his powers to ignite the electrolytes in their bloodstream. In the confusion, Balters escaped. It would not be much longer until Adam-X and X-Force would run into one another yet again, and after another brief battle, they temporarily joined forces to return to a plant outside Denver to take down Martin Strong, the owner of Strong Industries. With Strong’s defeat, Adam-X declined membership to X-Force, choosing instead to seek out the pieces to his past and uncover more about himself.

In the Artic, Adam-X witnessed the crashing of Phillip Summer’s plane. Within minutes, he covered over six miles, reaching Phillip Summers, the grandfather of Scott and Alex Summers. When the plane exploded, knocking both Adam-X and Phillips Summers over, Adam-X used his body to take the blunt of the blast, as well as the landing. Believing nothing could be done, Phillip Summers encouraged Adam-X to save himself. However, Adam-X refused and used his powers to ignite the electrolytes in Phillip Summer’s bloodstream to keep him warm, until the morning sun rose. Adam-X got Phillip to a hospital where he was greeted by Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Adam-X asked Jean to peek in his mind and share the visuals he had there to give to Phillip. In those thoughts, he shared a memory of boarding a Shi'ar Kjeth'ya Scout Craft.

Adam-X next encountered Legacy, the son of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell). Under the influence of Eric the Red's mind control, Adam-X attacked, but with his help Legacy was able to break free of Eric the Red’s mental hold. Together, Legacy and Adam-X tracked down Eric the Red. Eric the Red explained Adam-X is dubbed “The Forsaken One” and that he was a hybrid of specific genetic potential into the Shi'ar monarchy – and that Adam-X was born to rule the Shi’ar throne as the only living child of Majestor D'Ken. Eric the Red explained Katherine Summers was not immediately killed by D'Ken, and that he had been fond of Katherine, keeping her as a consort while Christopher Summers Corsair was sent into the slave pens. For a time, D'Ken used Katherine as his pleasure maid, until one day Christopher escaped from the pits and made his way to the palace, where he was recaptured. As punishment, it was there that D'Ken made Christopher watch as he killed Katherine Summers.

Adam-X appeared after a long time off the radar, at the Gene Pool Bar among a few others. With him are Hellion, Match, Lorelei (Lorelei Travis), Avalanche, Meld, and [[Sunspot (Roberto DaCosta); gathered to fight Normon Osborn's presence in San Francisco, a supposed haven for all Mutants, and made their stand at Union Square Park. Osborn's "Dark X-Men", consisting of Cloak, Dagger, Omega (Michael Pointer), Namor, Mimic, Daken (posing as Wolverine) responded to the threat and arrived at Union Square Park, teleporting through Cloak. White Queen defeated Hellion with a mental blast, while Cloak enveloped Lorelei. Dagger attempted to take out Adam-X, but he blocked her light daggers with his sword. Mimic tried to take out Match by freezing him, but failed, and Omega successfully defeated out Meld. White Queen saved Avalache's life when Daken attempted to kill him, and Namor knocked out Sunspot. They were brought to Alcatraz, where Osborn set up base. Cyclops arrived demanding Osborn's, but of course, Osborn refused and swore he would see Cyclops dead. Emma Frost wanted protection for the prisoners and to be shown what Osborn planned to do with the mutant prisoners.

Adam-X later helped stop Juggernaut, who was enhanced by the Asgardian god of Fear, the Serpent (Cul), by igniting his blood; however, Juggernaut temporarily burned anything he touched.




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