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The history of the demon named Zahgurim is virtually unknown. He was a servant of Satan (Murduk Kurios), who created indestructible weapons and armor. He sometimes bartered for souls, not because he consumed them himself, but because they were valued in Hell. In recent years he granted magic armor, derived from virtually indestructible mineral panned from Hell's River Styx, to Jaine Cutter in exchange for the souls of seven policemen. An unnamed worshiper entered into an agreement with Zahgurim that would send the souls of all the inhabitants of the island of Manhattan to Hell, which would grant Zahgurim dominion over them. Zahgurim was to become the consort of the worshiper, who was revealed to be the Armorer.

To accomplish this transaction, Armorer would have to arrange a dowry, sacrificing seven magic-users across Manhattan, with a line connecting the deaths in the shape of the demon's symbol of invocation. To show his love for Zahgurim and to protect himself from sorcerers detecting his actions, the man removed the magic users' skin intestines, eyes, bones and other body part he could use and made his armor from the pieces; the magical radiation permeating their bodies protected him from magical assault. While completing his task Armorer took the life of Avram Siegel an occult expert and author of "The Hierarchy of Hells: A Layman's guide to the Demonological Tree," using his flesh to strengthen his armor; though the death did not further his dowry. Although it did attract the attention of Siegel's friend Damion Hellstorm, who detected Zahgurim's scent over Siegel's remains. Hellstorm confronted Zahgurim and insisted that he stop his servant, but Zahgurim refused and escaped back to Hell.

Helstorm's investigation led him to Satanic high priest Anton Devine, who in turn put him in touch with Jaine Cutter. Via Zahgurim's mark on Cutter's flesh, Hellstorm recognized the patterns of the killings. Hellstorm eventually slew the Armorer before he could complete his dowry bargain. Zahgurim became enraged and confronted Hellstorm only to be stabbed through the chest by Cutter. Whose armor protected her form the demon's assault. Hellstorm took advantage of Zahgurim being weakened by Cutter's attack and blew the demons head off, although it remains uncertain if Zahgurim is truly dead.









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