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Zan Philo



While investigating the Fault, (a hole in the fabric of universe where both time and space had been torn open. This destruction had been caused by the Inhumans' King Black Bolt, while attempting to destroy the mighty Shi'ar race) the newly formed Nova Corps noticed an Upholder Class Nova Corps Patrol Cruiser coming through the Fault. Nova (Richard Rider) assembled an exploration team to assess the vessel as the Worldmind, now control by the conscious of the Kree Woman Ko-Rel locked a tractor beam on the ship from the planet of Nu-Xandar.

Rider's team quickly boarded the vessel and realized that they were not alone; Rider was attacked from behind an unknown attacker wearing a Nova Centurion uniform. He revealed that his name was Centurion Zan Philo and that he and his crew were stranded in another universe due to a Stargate accident, and after several failed attempts to return home, he decided to continue his duties as an officer of the Corps. He began to take law to the lawless place that he was stranded. Philo revealed that his crew lost their lives and that he was the only surviving member, left with only droids for companionship.

Curious to the strange looking right arm on the body of Philo, Centurion Morrow inquired about the arm. Philo revealed that his arm was severly damaged in battle with three Grogox weaponriders and his droids repaired him with the arm of one of his slain enemies. He was caught in the Fault as it tore through space and striped his ship of power. Philo related that he had a very dangerous prisoner by the name of the Mind aboard his ship, and he was itching to be free. The Mind was boss of the Black Sons. They were Neutron Slaves, which could survive the hard vacuum of space and extreme gravity. Due to their unique composition they were used to to work mining Neutron Stars and other extremely dense gravity sites.







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