Professor Zaxton (First name never revealed)Zaxton



Professor Zaxton was asked by Don Blake to operate his new Android so that he could demonstrate how durable his invention was as Thor. Zaxton started the experiment once Thor arrived. It was quickly proven that Blake's new Android was virtually indestructible by taking blow after blow from the Asgardian. Suddenly the Android started to short circuit. With barely any time to spare Thor was able to throw the Android into the upper atmosphere where it exploded harmlessly.

Later, Zaxton made it clear to Blake that he deliberately sabotaged his Android experiment due to jealously. It turned out that Zaxton created a Duplicating Machine and needed Blake's expertise to perfect it. Blake reluctantly helped Zaxton due to his abduction of Jane Foster. Once finished, Blake waited for Zaxton to get sidetracked and turned into Thor but was not quick enough. The Professor became one of the very few mortals to see Blake's transformation. Zaxton used his machine to make a duplicate of Thor and two duplicates of Mjolnir. Thor soon realized he had nothing to fear from the duplicate and made him fade away with one hit from his hammer. Zaxton quickly made a duplicate of himself to confuse while he tried to escape. In his nervousness however he dropped the Duplicating Machine over an interstate bridge. In his attempt to catch it, Zaxton fell over the railing to his death leaving behind his non-evil duplicate. Seeing no harm in it, Thor allowed the duplicate to carry on the Professor's life.




137 lbs.




Black with signs of gray on temples

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