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The mystical creature named Zom, resided in a dimension unknown to the general populace of Earth. Through Zom's own account he was created to destroy all there is, however, he never revealed the name of his creator or the nature of his creation. Zom was once defeated by the ruler of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu, and the conceptual being of all time and space Eternity. To protect all there is, they bound Zom in the Chains of Living Bondage and forced him to wear the Crown of Blindness. Eternity sealed Zom's essences within a vase like object and hid it in a dimension outside of space and time.

Later while engaged in battle with Umar, princess of the Dark Dimension, A young Doctor Strange was over powered and outmatched. He reached out to his master the Ancient One, who instructed Dr. Strange to release Zom, in order to defeat Umar. Strange journeyed to the dimension where Zom was held captive and freed the creature by shattering his vase like prison. The infuriated Zom began to chase Dr. Strange, who opened a portal to the Earth, where Zom quickly identified Umar as the sister of Dormammu and attacked her. Umar fled the battle and returned to the Dark Dimension realizing that she was no match for Zom's great power and rage, leaving Dr. Strange and the Ancient One to deal with the angry creature.

The Living Tribunal was forced to intervene and banished Zom from Earth before he could destroy humanity. However, Zom's mere presence on Earth had tainted all life with the creature’s evil, and the Living Tribunal informed Dr. Strange that the Earth would be destroyed for the greater good. After convincing the Living Tribunal that he was a powerful sorcerer, Dr. Strange won the right for a reprieve, gaining time to try and eliminate Zom's contamination. Dr. Strange received the Staff of Polar Power from the creature Nebulos to absorb the evil magic that was released by Zom.




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