The Cosmic Family Tree of Thanos the Mad Titan

Does the apple fall far from the tree in Thanos’ family?



The Alpha Primitive, android Zorr was built by Maximus to be the ultimate weapon against the Fantastic Four. When they arrived at Attilan to rescue their newest member, Crystal, from Maximus, the usurper of the Inhuman crown, he sent the robot against them. The Human Torch first attacked the robot but found that its steel shell was impervious to his flame. Zorr swiftly used a paralyzing fluid to stop Mister Fantastic’sattack and then used his swiveling wrist to spin Johnny around, extinguishing his flame. Lastly, the Thing fought him hand-to-hand, but Zorr used his seemingly superior strength to knock him unconscious. The three members were soon captured by Maximus and sealed within a hypnotic field, making them believe they weren’t powerful enough to break out.

But Reed Richards soon discovered a way for them to convince themselves to break the mental barrier and they escaped. Zorr faced them immediately afterward, but the heroes’ leader ordered Johnny and Ben to attack him quickly: Johnny distracted him; Reed wrapped him up; and Ben shut him down with a single haymaker. Mister Fantastic pulled apart the robot’s chest out of curiosity and found that it contained a hypnotic inducer that had previously fooled them into slowing their attacks enough to be beaten.









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