Ultimatum: Requiem (Hardcover)

Ultimatum: Requiem (Hardcover)

Ultimatum: Requiem (Hardcover)

Ultimatum: Requiem (Hardcover)

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    September 30, 2009

With the catastrophes wrought by Ultimatum, does this spell the end for the the Ultimate Universe? Spider-Man has fallen and the Ultimate Universe will never be the same. Original series artist Mark Bagley returns for a special story celebrating the heroism of everyone's favorite webslinger. Then in X-Men, the surviving members of the team say goodbye to their loved ones, pay homage to their memory and try to figure out what happens next. And in Fantastic Four, find out if the first family can continue on in the wake of Ultimatum's devastating events. Collecting ULTIMATUM: SPIDER-MAN REQUIEM #1-2, FANTASTIC FOUR REQUIEM and X-MEN REQUIEM. Rated T ...$19.99

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  • Format:Hardcover
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  • FOC Date:August 04, 2009

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