Civil War: Fantastic Four (Hardcover)

Civil War: Fantastic Four (Hardcover)

Civil War: Fantastic Four (Hardcover)

Civil War: Fantastic Four (Hardcover)

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    October 06, 2010

It's an old-fashioned family feud when Marvel's CIVIL WAR hits home! Mister Fantastic embraces the Registration Act, but the rest of his team aren't sure he's doing the right thing - and they're not shy about expressing it! And when newlyweds Storm and the Black Panther embark on a world tour to raise anti-registration support, the final battle leaves the Fantastic Four's lineup changed in unexpected ways! Meanwhile, another member of the FF's extended family, She-Hulk, flexes her legal muscles on behalf of the scapegoats of Stamford, the New Warriors - and Marvel's two newest teen teams discover family ties of their own as they clash with S.H.I.E.L.D., each other and the all-new Marvel Boy! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR #536-543, BLACK PANTHER #18-25, SHE-HULK #8 and CIVIL WAR: YOUNG AVENGERS/RUNAWAYS #1-4. Rated T ...$39.99 ISBN: 978-0-7851-4881-4 Trim size: oversized

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  • Format:Hardcover
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