Civil War: Front Line (Hardcover)

Civil War: Front Line (Hardcover)

Civil War: Front Line (Hardcover)

Civil War: Front Line (Hardcover)

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    October 27, 2010

In-depth stories from the heart of Civil War! In 'Embedded': There's a truth buried deep in the heart of every war, and reporters Sally Floyd and Ben Urich will be there, uncovering that truth in the midst of the biggest conflagration in the Marvel Universe! In the wake of the Stamford disaster, the public cries out for super-hero registration. Are the costumed heroes of the Marvel Universe protectors or ticking time bombs? Find out here! And in 'The Accused': The lone survivor of the team that caused the Stamford tragedy has been found. But living through one of the worst superhuman disasters in history may be the worst thing that could happen, as this vilified hero is placed under arrest for the deaths of an entire town. Unfortunately, the trouble's just beginning. Also featuring 'Sleeper Cell,' starring Wonder Man, and true tales of war time in 'Correspondence.' Plus: In Civil War: Choosing Sides, five stories shine a spotlight on the wildcards and impact players whose part in the Civil War has yet to be told. And in Civil War: The Return, two of the universe's greatest heroes are confronted with pasts they can't leave behind. Collecting CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #1-11; CIVIL WAR: CHOOSING SIDES and CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN Rated T '$39.99 ISBN: 978-0-7851-4949-1 Trim size: oversized

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