Hulk: Boiling Point (Hardcover)

Hulk: Boiling Point (Hardcover)

Hulk: Boiling Point (Hardcover)

Hulk: Boiling Point (Hardcover)

  • Published

    September 05, 2012

The beast within has crossed the line — and its terrified keeper is on the run! Blamed for the televised murder of a hapless child, Dr. Bruce Banner and his brutish alter ego are Public Enemy No. 1 — shunned by society, hunted by the law and targeted by a mysterious third party with a sinister agenda all its own…one that cuts to the very heart of Banner’s strange affliction! Banner knows the dread of the hunted; now, he faces the most unimaginable horror of all: a relentless, unkillable pursuer who knows all his weaknesses and will stop at nothing to bring him down. Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (2000) #40-49.

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  • Format:Hardcover
  • FOC Date:July 17, 2012


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