Avengers: Tech-On (Trade Paperback)

Avengers: Tech-On (Trade Paperback)

Avengers: Tech-On (Trade Paperback)

Avengers: Tech-On (Trade Paperback)

  • Published

    April 06, 2022

    Collects Avengers: Tech-On (2021) #1-6. Here come the Iron Avengers! When the Red Skull unleashes a strange new force that strips heroes of their powers and threatens the entire world, the Avengers must turn to Tony Stark's experimental new technology to save us all. Sleek, high-tech power suits bristling with energy and amped-up attack capabilities face off against super villains enhanced to match! Venom is super-sized, super-charged and out of control, Loki is imbued with Infinity Shard energy, an army of Ultrons descends on Japan and a Kaiju-scale Scream symbiote goes on the rampage! It's mechs and mayhem in the mighty Marvel manner! AVENGERS TECH-ON is a sentai-inspired action-adventure series produced in partnership with Bandai Namco of Japan, written by Jim Zub (UNCANNY AVENGERS, CHAMPIONS) and illustrated by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (VENOM: THE END, Street Fighter)!

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    • Format:Trade Paperback
    • FOC Date:January 24, 2022
    • Page Count:137


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