Character Close Up

Misty Knight

After serving as one of NYPD’s finest, Mercedes “Misty” Knight put her detective and close combat skills to use as a Hero for Hire alongside Luke Cage and Iron Fist. With best friend Colleen Wing, she is one-half of the deadly Daughters of the Dragon.

Super Cop to Super Hero

“Okay, Zorro!”

in Marvel Premiere (1972) #21

Misty’s first appearance! While following up on the kidnapping of Colleen Wing and her dad, Iron Fist runs into the “Flying Dragon Stamp” of Colleen’s friend and partner, Misty! Also one of the weirdest “meet-cutes” in Marvel Comics history!

Nightwing Restorations

in Iron Fist (1975) #1

Misty teams with Iron Fist in his first ongoing to rescue Colleen from Master Khan! Here, we find out the full story behind Misty and Colleen’s partnership and see the extent of “Ms. Knight’s” martial arts mastery! In #6 we also learn how Misty got her bionic arm!

Spidey & Steel Serpent

in Marvel Team-Up (1972) #64

With some serious 70s flare (check out the Daughters’ civilian wear!), Misty and Colleen help Spider-Man put an end to fallen K'un-Lun master, Steel Serpent. This issue also kicked off Danny and Misty’s relationship, marking their first kiss!

Luke Cage: Couch-Crasher

in Power Man (1974) #48

Power Man and Iron Fist’s first meeting! And Misty and Colleen are smack dab in the middle of their blown-out-of-proportion misunderstanding! Cage rampages into Rand’s apartment looking for Knight…only to find Wing! The Heroes for Hire coalition starts here!

The Souls of Cyber-Folk

in Deathlok (1991) #2

Unwilling cyborg Michael Collins answers a distress call from Misty. Having received an upgraded bionic arm from Tony Stark, Knight is now part of a select population of cyber-beings – and now she, along with Deathlok and Forge of the X-Men, are targets of the so-called “Capturebots”! Read through #5 for the full arc!

“The Things we do for Money”

in Daughters of the Dragon (2006) #1

The Daughters of the Dragon – bounty hunters! Misty and Colleen reunite in this sexy action thriller that pits them against Ricadonna, a mob queen in cahoots with A.I.M. Following a heist by some B-list villains, the Daughters take on a contract to recover the missing goods before they fall into worse-off hands! Featuring cameos by Iron Fist, the Punisher and more!

Civil War: Good for Business

in Heroes for Hire (2006) #1

Misty Knight teams with a unique crew of street-level heroes to round up criminals who have refused to sign the Registration Act! Backed by underworld connections (and government funding), woe be to the super humans who can’t outrun the Heroes for Hire!

“Hello Hero. Are you for Hire?”

in Heroes for Hire (2010) #1

It’s an All-New, All-Mysterious Heroes for Hire! Misty takes over on dispatch as she assembles a network of New York heroes to take on shadowy missions. But with a stable of freelancers comprised of dangerous loners, the only thing to expect is the unexpected!

Tale from Asgard

in Fearless Defenders (2013) #1

Ms. Knight heads to the Realm Eternal to assume her role as a Valkyrie! With original Defender Valkyrie by her side, Misty co-leads a super powered operation against the Doommaidens, disgraced (and undead) shield maidens. What other mortal women of Earth shall become Odin’s Favored?

Woman Without Fear

in Daredevil: Dark Nights (2013) #6

After escorting a client to a trial in Miami, Matt Murdock has little time to relax before the man he’s hired to defend is kidnapped! Luckily, private eye Misty is in town for business too, and she lends a hand (and steel-crushing arm) to help Daredevil recover his missing witness! Even more entertaining? The sparks that fly between these two!

Partnership with Cap

in Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #1

Sam Wilson is the new Sentinel of Liberty, carrying the shield long upheld by Steve Rogers. After their dual disassembly of Hydra in the pages of All-New Captain America (2014), Misty returns as Sam’s ally and informant…then things take a romantic turn.

“We are the Streets”

in Black Panther and the Crew (2017) #1

Black Panther, Storm, Misty, Luke Cage and Manifold reunite after their Wakandan mission (in Black Panther’s 2016 series), to address the fallout from the death of a Harlem activist that has had deep ramifications on the housing and safety of the community. Written by award-winning novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates!