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New to comics or looking to read up on Asgard’s God of Thunder? Try one of these introductory series or story arcs, recommended by the Marvel Unlimited team!

Mjolnir-Worthy Reads

Thor: The Devourer King

in Thor (2020) #1

A deity. A king. An Avenger. Every title Thor has worn has come with its own awesome power. But no amount of thunder will stop the Black Winter. In this epic run kicked off by Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matt Wilson, All-Father Thor becomes a reluctant Herald of Galactus to save all of Asgard from a threat that has the Devourer of Worlds quaking in his boots.

War of the Realms

in War of the Realms (2019) #1

First Appearance

in Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83

in Avengers (1963) #1

First Ongoing

in Thor (1966) #126

Straight from the pages of Journey Into Mystery into his starring series! This debut sees Thor taking on fellow legend, Hercules, son of Zeus!

in Thor (1966) #300

Featuring several Norse tales of yore! Odin pursues sacred knowledge by sacrificing his right eye, and then serves his penance at the boughs of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. A gorgeous issue and great jumping-on point!

in Thor (1966) #337


in Thor (1966) #340


in Thor: Godstorm (2001) #1

We love these three interlocking fables, structured as an ancient Norse legend. Two young Vikings learn of the Godstorm, a maelstrom that rebelled against Thor at the urging of Loki.


in Thor: Son of Asgard (2004) #1

Teen godlings of Asgard! See the rise of your favorite heroes from first quests to godhood! Featuring Sif, Balder, Loki and Karnilla, Queen of the Norns!

Vs. Hela

in Thor: Wolves of the North (2010) #1

Unleashed from her cavernous underworld, Hela, Goddess of Hel, descends upon Asgard with the fury and might of a demon horde army.

Siege Event

in Siege (2009) #1

Fear Itself

in Fear Itself (2010) #1

Blockbuster Thor

in Astonishing Thor (2010) #1

In this cinematic splash series, Thor hurtles from one interstellar adventure to another, attempting to stop the sentient planet Ego from merging with his larger counterpart.

God Butcher Arc

in Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #1

Tenth Realm

in Original Sin (2014) #5.1

Fallen Thor

in Original Sin (2014) #7

Goddess of Thunder

in Thor (2014) #1

Thor: Jane Foster

in Mighty Thor (2015) #1


in The Unworthy Thor (2016) #1

Vs. Hulk

in Thor Vs. Hulk - Champions of the Universe (2017) #1