Marvel Universe

80th Anniversary: Golden Age

Celebrating 80 years of Marvel! From the front lines of World Wars, to the first super hero crossovers, sample our earliest days in comics with these Golden Age hits! The evolution of an industry starts here!

Marvel Comics: 1939-1949

Birth of Marvel

in Marvel Comics (1939) #1

The four-color comic world is taken by storm! This inaugural issue contains the first appearances of the android Human Torch, and Sub-Mariner, lord of Atlantis! Plus, 12 pages of jungle action with Ka-Zar the Great!

The Death-Defying Angel!

in Marvel Mystery Comics (1939) #2

in Daring Mystery Comics (1940) #1

The Fiery Mask is born in one of the most dizzying super hero origins to date! And, more wartime wonder courtesy of Barney Mullen, Sea Rover!

We Pledge Allegiance

in Captain America Comics (1941) #1

Blue Water Blitzkrieg

in Sub-Mariner Comics (1941) #1

The Nazis attempt to undermine and conquer an underwater village, but will have to get through the Prince of Atlantis first! Check out the super strange appearances of the early Atlanteans!

First Comic Crossover

in Marvel Mystery Comics (1939) #8

Behold! A cross-title collab between the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner! Fire meets water in an elemental showdown told through both perspectives! Read through #9.

Namor Vs. World

in Human Torch Comics (1940) #5

in Usa Comics (1941) #1

Introducing the first class of Golden Age heroes! In this issue, the origin of Defender and The Whizzer!

Expanded Roster

in All-Winners Comics (1941) #1