Character Close Up


Detective Brigid O'Reilly was a vigilant member of the NYPD, but following a chemical attack in the line of fire, she was reborn with terrifying abilities and a murderous thirst for revenge.

Lawless & Flawless

First Appearance

in Cloak and Dagger (1983) #1

After getting a call for roughed up junkies with strange symptoms, Detective O’Reilly suspects vigilantes Cloak and Dagger are to blame. And later she confronts them in action...Read through #4!

“Sinners All!"

in Cloak and Dagger (1985) #1

Now one of Cloak and Dagger’s ‘insiders’, O’Reilly nearly tosses out the rulebook when she arrives on the scene of a pornography ring that the duo’s busted.

Gaseous & Green

in Cloak and Dagger (1985) #5

A crooked cop turns on the force when he exposes O’Reilly and her squad to a toxic gas created by the same company that gave Cloak and Dagger their powers! O’Reilly is the sole survivor, and emerges a new woman…


in Cloak and Dagger (1985) #6

Following last issue’s rampage, Mayhem channels her anguish to take down a heroin supply chain with Tandy and Tyrone. While floating on air, Mayhem emits her poisonous gas with devastating results! Read through #9.

Blind Salvation!

in The Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger (1988) #1

Mayhem reflects on her “death” and quest for vengeance as she reassesses the next phase in her crime-fighting career.