Marvel Universe

Symbiote Hosts

Envelop yourself in inky ooze as we run through the hit list of every known symbiote host! See who’s still on Cletus Kasady’s platter for the Absolute Carnage event!

Sleeper Symbiote Hosts

Tel-Kar (Alive, Lobotomized)

in Venom: First Host (2018) #2

Kree soldier Tel-Kar bonds with an augmenting substance from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Eddie Brock (Alive)

in Venom: First Host (2018) #3

Eddie Brock gets acquainted with Tel-Kar’s symbiote years after bonding with Venom.

M'Lanz (Alive)

in Venom: First Host (2018) #5

The Skrull ‘Warbride’ becomes a ‘Sleeper Agent’!

Venom Symbiote Hosts

Eddie Brock (Alive)

in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #300

Disgraced journalist Brock’s first time as Venom!

Peter Parker (Alive)

in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #252

Peter discovers that his black suit has a life of its own after returning from 1984’s Secret Wars.

Lee Price (Deceased)

in Venom (2016) #1

Petty criminal Price becomes the unsuspecting host of a pent-up symbiote.

Tel-Kar (Alive, Lobotomized)

in Venom: First Host (2018) #1

Tel-Kar claims that he was the first to unleash Venom!

Mac Gargan (Alive)

in Marvel Knights Spider-Man (2004) #10

The former Scorpion merges with a sentient symbiote.

Carol Danvers (Alive)

in Siege: Spider-Man (2010) #1

Carol Danvers: Venom/Kree hybrid! (Also, body horror to the max).

Flash Thompson (Deceased)

in Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #654

War hero Flash undergoes an experimental ‘rebirth’…starting with a direct injection of Venom!

Red Hulk (Alive)

in Venom (2011) #13.4

Read from #13! Red Hulk smashes for vengeance as a Ghost Rider/Venom mashup!

Groot (Alive)

in Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) #21

On an alien world full of symbiotes, Groot says, “I am Venom!”

Rocket (Alive)

in Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) #22

The Racketeering Raccoon is second to fall!

Drax (Alive)

in Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) #23

Followed by Drax whose transformation may be the most awful…?

Mercurio (Alive)

in Venom: Space Knight (2015) #6

Gramos’ Overlord hijacks Flash Thompson’s suit!

Anne Weying (Deceased)

in Venom: Sinner Takes All (1995) #2

Brock’s ex-wife takes to the symbiote as She-Venom!

Angelo Fortunato (Deceased)

in Marvel Knights Spider-Man (2004) #8

The gangster’s son actually wielded the Venom suit well…too bad for Spider-Man.

Anti-Venom Symbiote Hosts

Eddie Brock (Alive)

in Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #569

Mac Gargan’s Venom forces Brock into becoming his perfect countermeasure!

Flash Thompson (Deceased)

in Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha (2017) #1

Venom Inc. kicks off with Flash Thompson becoming Venom’s new ‘antidote’.

Carnage Symbiote Hosts

Cletus Kasady (Resurrected)

in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #361

The homicidal maniac becomes the first cruel and uncalculated Carnage!

Silver Surfer (Alive)

in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #430

‘Carnage Cosmic’! ‘Nuff said!

John Jameson (Alive)

in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #410

Just before Ben Reilly’s sacrifice, J.J.J.’s son briefly knew true wrath.

Ben Reilly (Alive)

in Spider-Man (1990) #67

The Scarlet Spider sees red in his traumatizing stint as Spider-Carnage!

Unspecified Number of Doverton, Colorado Residents (Unknown)

in Carnage, U.S.A. (2011) #1

Kasady’s American rampage is horrifying, and glorious, and it’s hard to look away.

Karl Malus (Alive)

in Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #3

The mad scientist goes full throttle with his latest ‘improvement’!

Wizard (Alive)

in Superior Carnage (2012) #5

Bentley Wittman reaps the consequences when he melds with a ‘superior’ model!

Carla Unger, Truckers, Patrons & Civilians (Deceased)

in Superior Carnage Annual (2014) #1

This Annual’s a massacre. We honestly lost count.

Norman Osborn (Alive)

in The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #800

The Red Goblin, (Green Goblin with a kick of Carnage), cackles his way through a murder spree.

Mania Symbiote Hosts

Andi Benton (Alive)

in Venom (2011) #38

One of Flash’s high school students, Andi had an immediate bond with a new ‘maniac’ symbiote.

Maniac (Deceased)

in Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Omega (2018) #1

After seizing Andi’s symbiote, Lee Price takes on the moniker Maniac!

Ivan (Unknown)

in Venom (2003) #5

Sled dog Ivan went from “Mush” to “much bloodshed”!

Clem & Orrie & Perry (Deceased)

in Venom (2003) #6

These Northwest Territory locals hold a poker night that ends in Dead Man’s Hands.

Nan (Unknown)

in Venom (2003) #7

Diner waiter Nan serves up more than poutine!

Yooper (Unknown)

in Venom (2003) #8

Ole’ Man Yooper transforms from one of Nan’s regulars to a symbiotic slayer!

Wolverine (Alive)

in Venom (2003) #9

In his native Canada, Logan’s overcome by a new form of mania!

Patricia Robertson (Unknown)

in Venom (2003) #10

The sole survivor of the ‘Christmastown Massacre’, this special operative was doomed from the start.

Alfonse Poina (Deceased)

in Venom (2003) #12

We have nothing but sympathy for this elderly test subject.

Dr. Loughridge (Deceased)

in Venom (2003) #13

The sinister doc gets a taste of his own medicine!

Killer Shrike (Alive)

in The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #792

The hitman joined Maniac’s ‘Inklings’ during the Venom Inc. event!

Black Cat (Alive)

in Venom (2016) #159

Felicia Hardy teams with Price too!

Hammerhead, Boomerang, Melter & Brothers Grimm (Alive)

in Venom (2016) #160

Plus a whole slew of thugs. All of ‘em want in on a symbiote.

Scorn Symbiote Hosts

Shriek (Alive)

in Carnage (2010) #5

Criminally insane Frances Barrison, (and Carnage’s love), greedily snatches her doctor’s symbiote.

Dr. Tanis Nieves (Presumed Deceased)

in Carnage (2010) #3

After growing a repulsive mound on her arm, Shriek’s psychiatrist evolves into a creature of Scorn.

Scream Symbiote Host

Donna Diego (Deceased)

in Venom: The Hunted (1996) #2

Wild Child Diego adapted well to Scream’s altered headspace.

Phage Symbiote Hosts

Carl Mach (Deceased)

in Venom: Separation Anxiety (1994) #1

The first Phage met an untimely end thanks to Scream, a Life Foundation co-worker.

Rico Axelson (Deceased)

in Carnage, U.S.A. (2011) #2

Sharpshooter Axelson was the second to wear Phage while serving with Anti-Carnage taskforce Team Mercury.

Agony Symbiote Hosts

Leslie Gesneria (Deceased)

in Venom: Separation Anxiety (1994) #2

The Life Foundation employee struggled with her upgrade.

James Murphy (Deceased)

in Carnage, U.S.A. (2011) #4

Lieutenant James Murphy embodies Agony as a Team Mercury commando.

Riot Symbiote Hosts

Trevor Cole (Deceased)

in Venom: Lethal Protector (1993) #4

The Life Foundation’s mercenary gets the ultimate payday when he becomes Riot!

Howard Ogden (Deceased)

in Carnage, U.S.A. (2011) #5

The Boatswain aids Team Mercury, (when he’s not completely losing it as Riot).

Lasher Symbiote Hosts

Ramon Hernandez (Deceased)

in Venom: Lethal Protector (1993) #5

One of the “"Life Foundation Five", Ramon was selected for the Lasher Spawn.

Marcus Simms (Deceased)

in Carnage, U.S.A. (2011) #3

Chief petty officer Simms unleashes a Lasher-controlled Dog.

Hybrid Symbiote Hosts

Scott Washington (Deceased)

in Venom: Along Came a Spider (1996) #1

The Life Foundation symbiotes blended into one Hybrid that paired with the former New Warrior.

Deadpool (Alive)

in Deadpool Vs. Carnage (2014) #3

Wade Wilson is gruesome as a gooey mess.

Team Mercury’s Dog (Alive)

in Deadpool Vs. Carnage (2014) #4

A former “good boy” becomes an unremorseful hellhound!

Toxin Symbiote Hosts

Patrick Mulligan (Deceased)

in Venom Vs. Carnage (2004) #1

Tragedy meets the NYPD cop following a half-cooked plan that leaves him host of Venom’s spawn.

Eddie Brock (Alive)

in Venom (2011) #17

After a crazed binge of trying to kill all symbiotes, Brock’s forcibly bound to the psychotic Toxin.

Raze Symbiote Host

Claire Dixon (Alive)

in Carnage (2015) #9

The FBI agent’s reborn as Raze after merging with Carnage’s ‘baby’.