Character Close Up

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan

Read up on heroic sensation Ms. Marvel! Jersey City native Kamala Khan underwent an Inhuman transformation, and now she can alter her size, shape, and complete appearance! A teenager, Pakistani-American, Muslim and Inhuman, Kamala takes on many roles in and outside her mask!


First Appearance

in Captain Marvel (2012) #14

Start Here

in Ms. Marvel (2014) #1

Adolescent Avenger

in All-New, All-Different Avengers (2015) #1

Super Famous

in Ms. Marvel (2015) #1

Becoming a Champion

in Champions (2016) #1

The Mentored & the Mentee

in Generations: Ms. Marvel & Ms. Marvel (2017) #1

Secret Empire Agent

in Secret Warriors (2017) #1

Kamala & Her Amazing Friends

in Ms. Marvel (2015) #38

Ms. Marvel stars with her incredible crew in her 5-year Anniversary issue! Bruno, Nakia, Zoe and more join in the jam-packed celebration!

Champions Redux

in Champions (2019) #1

Ms. Marvel: Destined

in Magnificent Ms. Marvel (2019) #1

There's no such thing as business as usual in Kamala's corner of the world. Aliens are wreaking havoc on Jersey City, and they seem weirdly interested in Ms. Marvel... and her entire family. Kamala Khan has to deal with the disappearance of everything she knows in this acclaimed run by Eisner-award winning sci-fi writer Saladin Ahmed.