Character Close Up


Sonic manipulator Shriek is commonly known as Spider-Man’s foe, and as the sometimes-partner of Carnage. Born Frances Louise Barrison, it’s believed that an unstable upbringing causes her frequent bouts of insanity. When paired with Cletus Kasady, her thirst for chaos is insatiable.

Racket-Raising Reads

First Appearance

in Spider-Man Unlimited (1993) #1

Let freedom shriek! After smuggling in his symbiote, Cletus Kasady springs out of Ravencroft Institute for the criminally insane…but not before finding a love match in Shriek, a mutant menace with the same psycho tendencies!

For the Love of Knull

in Web Of Venom: Cult Of Carnage (2019) #1

Prelude to Absolute Carnage! Under the alias “Miss. Deel”, Shriek forcefully recruits Man-Wolf John Jameson into her small town ‘Carnage Cult’ to summon forth an alien god.

Cacophony & Kraven

in Venom (2016) #157

Joined by Kraven the Hunter, Shriek uses her entire range to track down Stegron’s “Dinosaur People” in the New York City sewers. But most of her vocals are saved for Venom…causing a catastrophic cave-in that nearly claims Brock!

Discord & Deadpool

in Deadpool Vs. Carnage (2014) #1

Two red-suited madmen go blow-for-blow in this gory joy ride. Deadpool targets Cletus Kasady outside Tulsa, Oklahoma…but Shriek lies in wait, and she’s prepared to do anything to save her man! (Including flaying Deadpool’s skin off with raw, sound energy).

Shriek Vs. Scorn

in Carnage (2010) #1

Spider-Man and Iron Man join forces to take down a “Carnage baby” that has bonded to a new, lethal host! Now back in custody, Shriek’s concussive powers are exploited to “feed” this Carnage spawn…leading Shriek to gain a symbiote of her own!

Mommy Dearest

in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #390

Read through #393! In one of her more deluded breaks, Shriek escapes Ravencroft Institute with virus-carrier Malcolm McBride in an effort to claim Carrion, his supervillain ego, as her “son”. But when McBride refuses to call Shriek “mommy”, she psychically induces his Carrion state…and then claims Spider-Man as “husband”!

Dissonant Doom Maiden

in Fearless Defenders (2013) #10

Seeking the best of the worst, Caroline le Fay enlists Shriek as one of her ‘Doom Maidens’ to dismantle Valkyrie and her Fearless Defenders!