Marvel Universe

Thanksgiving Special

Read the comics we're thankful for, handpicked by the Marvel Unlimited team!


Harvest on Halfworld

in Guardians of the Galaxy (2020) #1

How do the Guardians celebrate "Harvest Season" on the faraway planet of Halfworld? With a massive turkey spread of course!

Mealtime Mayhem

in Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel - Mealtime Mayhem (2018) #1

Venom is coming to dinner. When is a vicious symbiote ever a bad thing?

Cold Turkey

in Spider-Gwen (2015) #14

Gwen is carrying a lot of guilt this Thanksgiving—her father is in jail, she feels terrible around Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and on top of that, she's still hiding a secret identity.

Zenpool’s Guide to Thanksgiving

in Deadpool (2012) #37

Deadpool is feeling generous and refraining from murder on Thanksgiving. How long will that last?

No Turkey for You!

in The Punisher (2011) #5

Considering everything that makes Frank Castle the Punisher, it's probably going to be a lonely Thanksgiving. Or a bloody one.

Fantastic Feathered Four

in Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving (2006) #1

This is a super, super fun read that is great for a silly, happy story about a very nosy Franklin Richards getting into his father's inventions. Also included: the Fantastic Four as turkeys!

“Mixed Blessings”

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #308

The X-Men just want to spend a quiet holiday together—frolicking in leaf piles, playing football, comparing the puffiness of their very '90s outfits. But then it wouldn't be a true X-giving, would it? Stay tuned too for Jean Grey and Cyclops’ bombshell!

Thanksgiving Abroad

in The 'NAM (1986) #22

This tale is set in 1967, in Vietnam, where a squadron of U.S. soldiers find themselves tracking the Vietcong on Thanksgiving day. While the Americans get an all-too brief taste of holiday chow, the leftovers do not go to waste.

Vizh and Wanda’s Soapy Special

in Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) #6

Award winner for “Most Awkward”. Scarlet Witch invites her father to Thanksgiving. Maybe you remember him, he's commonly known as Magneto.

Guess Who’s…?

in Power Pack (1984) #18

Read through #19! The Power Pack kid heroes face a potential family tragedy right before Thanksgiving—and then have to contend with the evil Kurse!

Powers on Parade

in Daredevil (1964) #178

Frank Miller brings Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist together for a story that features a fight at New York's Thanksgiving parade, some heroic do-gooding, and some not-so-good Kingpin hijinks.