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The enigmatic Taskmaster is not only a premiere mercenary and soldier, he’s also a combat trainer for both the criminal world and government. Exceptional in all martial skills, Taskmaster is a savant blessed with photographic reflexes—he can mimic or reproduce any fighting style known to the Marvel Universe.

The Mimicry Master

"Everyone's Got to Work"

in Taskmaster (2020) #1

Who is the enigmatic Taskmaster? Found out in this globe-spanning entry point by writer Jed MacKay and artist Alessandro Vitti! The greatest spies in the Marvel Universe are on Taskmaster’s trail for a murder he may or may not have committed—and they’ll bring him in dead or alive. Guest-starring Nick Fury!

First Appearance

in Avengers (1963) #196

Taskmaster appears at the very end of AVENGERS #195, but takes center stage here! After dispatching Scott Lang, Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym, the villain recounts his origins. As a kid in the Bronx, he used his abilities to imitate cowboys and football stars, before realizing he could make money observing the Super Hero set!

Winter in America

in Captain America (2018) #4

When his girlfriend Sharon Carter’s apprehended, Cap single-handedly invades the stronghold of his enemies. But what’s waiting for him inside is a hundred times more formidable…

Amazing Spider-Man: The Hunted

in The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #17

Read through #23! The skull-headed slayer joins Kraven the Hunter and his animal-themed minions to add one more superhuman to their menagerie: the Spider.

Sheriff of Bagalia

in Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #3

Wearing his gold star proudly, Taskmaster reveals his new connections to Sharon Carter… he’s now the acting deputy of Bagalia, an island nation ruled by criminals! Try the Secret Empire Reading List to see Taskmaster dole out pain as one of Hydra Cap’s Avengers!

Takedown in Tokyo

in Age of Heroes (2010) #3

Taskmaster learns in Tokyo that the new dawn of heroes, AKA the Heroic Age, is a none too friendly place for villains who have fallen from the top!

Final Exam

in Taskmaster (2010) #1

When the rumor starts that he's turned traitor and now works for Steve Rogers, a billion-dollar bounty is put on Taskmaster’s head, and every cadre of costumed fanatics—A.I.M., Hydra, the Sons of the Serpent, everyone—looks to collect. But will some of his psychopathic students bail him out? Don’t bet on it!

Fighting with Finesse

in Avengers Academy (2010) #9

While training Hank Pym and Tigra’s next generation of Avengers, Taskmaster goes toe-to-toe with fellow savant and photographic fighter, Finesse. Outside of this sparring sesh, Finesse has a few questions for ole’ Taskmaster about her paternity…

Taskin’ with the T-Bolts

in Civil War (2006) #4

Recruited for the government funded Thunderbolts, Taskmaster teams with the worst of the worst, including Bullseye and Lady Deathstrike, to dissemble the Anti-Registration heroes. Read through #7 to see what befalls poor Taskmaster at the hands of Sue Storm!


in Avengers: The Initiative (2007) #8

Read through #35 for a Taskmaster-centric run! At the behest of the feds, Taskmaster accepts a position as Camp Hammond’s lead trainer and drill sergeant to brush up the incoming class of government-approved heroes.

Hand of Hydra

in Spider-Woman: Origin (2005) #2

Young Jessica Drew's life takes a scary turn as she joins forces with shadowy Hydra. Even scarier? Her disciplinarian and head teacher, Taskmaster.

Sunset Over Stark

in Taskmaster (2002) #1

Taskmaster is under the employ of Iron Man’s on/off foe, Sunset Bain! While working for this “Madame Menace”, Taskmaster pulls off corporate sabotage on Stark Industries… bringing him into direct contact with Tony Stark!

Agency X

in Agent X (2002) #1

Spinning out of his 2002 mini-series, Taskmaster features heavily as an accomplice and gun-for-hire for the mysterious Agent X. Alongside quasi love interest Sandi Brandenberg, “Tony” cleans up contract after contract with polished panache.

Quick Study

in Captain America (1968) #334

In exchange for a few years off his sentence, Taskmaster lends his skills to the F.B.I. to train the then-new Captain America, John Walker. But the first training session is more “show off” than “showdown”!

Big Top Terror

in Avengers (1963) #223

Always versatile, Taskmaster reveals his new gig with a travelling circus following his flash-bang escape from the Avengers. Scott Lang and Hawkeye are wise to the wisecracker, and swing into action!