Character Close Up

Morgan le Fay

The immortal Morgan le Fay has had centuries to perfect, and pervert, her mastery of the mystic arts. A queen and dark sorceress, Morgan is the half-faerie sister of the legendary King Arthur, and has been a disciple of Merlin too. Le Fay can travel between centuries and realms, although she currently rules over Weirdworld.

Mistress of the Occult

First Appearance

in Black Knight (1955) #1

Morgan makes a brief cameo in this series as a foil to King Arthur and Camelot. In cahoots with then-husband Mordred the Mystic, Morgan shows her cunning streak while living in luxury at court.

Vs. Weapon H

in Weapon H (2018) #9

Displeased with her new role as Roxxon’s backup generator, a captive Morgan unleashes her full barrage of power against Weapon H in a bid to liberate her and Weirdworld from the mega-corporation’s clutches.

Baroness of Weirdworld

in Weirdworld (2015) #1

In this Secret Wars tie-in (try the Reading List!), we meet the barbarian Arkon, a lost man in a lost world. On his dark and savage quest featuring dragons, war-apes and Man-Things, we learn who the baroness of this strange, weird world is…

Waging Weird War

in Weirdworld (2015) #1

Le Fay’s twisted fantasy world comes alive before your eyes in this gorgeous mini-series drawn and painted by Mike del Mundo. Barbarians! Wizards! And tricked out sports cars! It all pales in comparison to the dangerously alluring mistress of this realm!

Iron Man Takes Camelot

in Iron Man (1968) #150

Surprised by a visitor from the future, a now-imprisoned Morgan is appealed to by Doctor Doom with a juicy proposition: help free his mother’ soul from Hell in exchange for his aid in killing King Arthur!

Seductress of Doom

in The Mighty Avengers (2007) #9

Never one to back down from a power grab, Doctor Doom travels back to the 13th century and becomes le Fay’s lover. While nestled in her castle, Doom summons an army to defeat the Avengers in the present. Read through #11!

The Blood of Pendragon

in Dark Avengers (2009) #1

Read through #4! The first nemesis of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers, Morgan returns to the future to try and kill Doctor Doom. But where does this rage for her former flame come from? Read IRON MAN: LEGACY OF DOOM (2008) and find out!

Avalon's Queen

in Mystic Arcana (2007) #2

The beguiling Morgan plays sorcerer Ian McNee like a fiddle as she beckons him towards her enchanted realm of Avalon. Also a great issue for those wanting a definitive history of the Black Knight!

Excalibur Restored

in Spider-Woman (1978) #2

Try Jessica Drew: Spider-Woman’s first series for plenty of Morgan le Fay! Petty crook Slappy Struthers is possessed by the spirit of the dark queen when he tries to steal a replica of the Excalibur sword.