Character Close Up

Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau? Captain Marvel? Photon? Pulsar? Spectrum? Long story short, Monica has gone through many name changes since her first appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #16 when she was bombarded with the alien energy that granted her remarkable powers. One thing that has remained consistent? Her knack as a leader. Read up on the first female Captain Marvel.

All the Power on the Spectrum

Going Solo

in Monica Rambeau: Photon (2022) #1

The hero known as Photon has been charged with making a very special, very cosmic delivery – should be light work (get it?) for Monica…if family drama doesn’t hold her back!


in Strikeforce (2019) #1

No compromise. No mercy. Monica Rambeau joins Blade's commando crew to combat threats from the underside of the Marvel Universe. Guest-starring Angela, Spider-Woman, Wiccan, the Winter Soldier, and Daimon Hellstrom! Read on for secret threats too big for even the Avengers to handle!

First Appearance

in Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) #16

Monica uses the full range of her electromagnetism when she encounters Spider-Man in New York. Learn all about her New Orleans origin, including her time as a Harbor Control officer prior to becoming the all-new Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Joins the Avengers

in Avengers (1963) #227

Monica joins Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! Writer Roger Stern would consistently feature Monica’s super-powered prowess throughout his entire Avengers run.

Spider-Man/Captain Marvel Team-Up

in Marvel Team-Up (1972) #142

What does Monica do on her day off? Fight crime, of course! She teams up with Spider-Man to take on the nefarious P.R.I.D.E. organization.

Natural Born Leader

in Avengers (1963) #279

After the Wasp’s resignation from the team as the Avengers’ chairwoman, Earth’s Mightiest need a new leader. And Monica’s a perfect fit!

Monica’s First Solo Issue

in Captain Marvel (1989) #1

Monica’s solo issue! After Monica loses her powers in AVENGERS (1963) #293, she tries to navigate her way through civilian life. Then, trouble arises at her day job...

Free Your Mind

in Captain Marvel (1994) #1

Monica is on a peaceful flight overlooking New York when she hears of trouble brewing over at Empire State University. Can she stop the Sons of the Serpent from their racist and violent attacks on other students?


in Avengers Unplugged (1995) #5

One Captain Marvel must go! After a fight with Genis-Vell, Monica changes her alias for the first time to Photon.


in New Thunderbolts (2004) #9

In the process of brainstorming new Super Hero names with Genis-Vell, Monica comes up with the new alias, Pulsar. Genis-Vell then changes his name to go by Photon, which is Monica’s old alias… how original.


in Ultimates 2 (2016) #1

Monica teams with the protectors of the Omniverse! Alongside Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers, Black Panther, and Miss. America, the Ultimates are on call for Galactus after helping cure his insatiable hunger (see: 2015’s Ultimates).

Nextwave’s Leader

in Nextwave: Agents of H.a.T.E. (2006) #1

Monica gets a new job: leader of Nextwave, a group of superhuman soldiers fighting Bizarre Weapons of Mass Destruction. And did she mention that she’s also the leader of the Avengers?

A Black Panther Team-Up

in Black Panther (2005) #13

Black Panther calls for Monica’s help in the wake of a vampire outbreak. She joins the team along with Luke Cage, Blade, and Brother Voodoo in this action-packed issue!


in Mighty Avengers (2013) #1

Monica makes her return as Spectrum! She joins the Mighty Avengers to fight Thanos—complete with an all-new look!