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The 8 Weirdest New Mutant Stories

Mirage. Wolfsbane. Sunspot. Cannonball. Karma. Magik. Cypher. Magma. Warlock. Read a handful of the New Mutants’ wildest stories from their classic 1983 run!


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“Demon Bear Saga”

in New Mutants (1983) #18

Read through issue #20. X-Legends Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz teamed up on this three-issue arc that explored who, or what, was the psychic terror known as the Demon Bear. This storyline also covered Dani Moonstar’s painful past and showed off the full range of her at-times horrific power.

Warlock's Arrival

in New Mutants (1983) #21

This double-sized issue gave the team a chance to recover from "The Demon Bear Saga" with a slumber party at Xavier’s Institute! This was soon followed by Warlock’s dramatic arrival on Earth and his introduction to the team. It also featured the first glimpse of Magus, Warlock’s mysterious and malevolent father.

Being Cloak and Dagger

in New Mutants (1983) #22

Read through issue #25. In this mini-arc, Sunspot was cursed by Cloak’s darkness while Wolfsbane became the new wielder of Dagger’s light! Professor Xavier and the X-Men gave the team a timely assist to put the powers of light and darkness back where they belonged.

Legion and the Shadow King

in New Mutants (1983) #26

Read through issue #31. This seminal stretch of issues formally introduced David Haller as Legion, the long-lost son of Charles Xavier! It also sent the team up against the Shadow King—after he possessed Karma as a new host.

The Asgardian Wars

in New Mutants Special Edition (1985) #1

Continue with 1970’s X-MEN ANNUAL #9. Claremont and artist Art Adams teamed up for this visually stunning two-parter, which brought the X-Men and the New Mutants to Asgard thanks to the machinations of Loki. This story had lasting effects for both Moonstar and Wolfsbane, as Dani was inducted into the Valkyries and Rahne met the love of her life: the wolf prince, Hrimhari.

Death by Beyonder

in New Mutants (1983) #36

Read through issue #38. SECRET WARS II gave the New Mutants perhaps the most shocking tie-in story of the entire crossover. When the team faced the Beyonder, he annihilated them. Then, he wiped away nearly all memories of their existence. The Beyonder ultimately resurrected the young heroes in SECRET WARS II #9, but the team was shaken by this experience for several issues afterwards.

Space Opera

in New Mutants (1983) #66

Read through issue #70. If you can believe it, Cannonball was once romantically involved with Lila Cheney, a mutant rock star and interstellar thief. When Lila was kidnapped by an alien known as Spyder, Cannonball and his teammates went into space to rescue her. Along the way they met Gosamyr, an otherworldly alien whose physical appearance and pheromones had an adverse effect on teen spirit.

Cry of the Valkyrie

in New Mutants (1983) #77

Read through issue #84. This was the final epic before the New Mutants began their transition into 1991’s X-FORCE. In the aftermath of INFERNO, Moonstar’s Valkyrie abilities were erratic. It was all a part of Hela’s plan to seize power on Asgard while using the Valkyrie as her agents of destruction. To save their friend’s soul, the New Mutants returned to Asgard and faced overwhelming odds to protect the realm.