Character Close Up


Who is Teddy Altman, AKA Emperor Dorrek VIII? Get the origin of this shapeshifting Young Avenger with these pivotal reads.


Road to Empyre

in Incoming! (2019) #1

See: Teddy Altman take the throne for the first time as “Emperor of Space” in this important prelude issue to EMPYRE.


in Empyre (2020) #1

The Avengers and the Fantastic Four are in mutual shock when they discover who’s sitting on the throne of the newly-united Kree and Skrull! Embracing destiny for the sake of peace, Hulkling amasses a war fleet of his “Alliance,” now headed straight for Earth to wipe out the plant-like Cotati.

Becoming Emperor Dorrek VIII

in Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling (2020) #1

All the details you didn’t get from INCOMING! #1 are filled out in this character-defining issue. Hulkling accepts his role as Emperor of the Kree/Skrull Alliance, torn between his earthbound love and royal duties. Heavy lies the head!

First Appearance

in Young Avengers (2005) #1

Screenwriter Allan Heinberg and legendary artist Jim Cheung introduce the Young Avengers! When a mysterious group of teen heroes assemble as the “Avengers,” they immediately grip the attention of their adult counterparts. Read the fan-favorite run that introduced Hulkling, Wiccan, Kate Bishop: Hawkeye, Patriot, and more!

Kree/Skrull Background

in Young Avengers (2005) #9

Read through issue #12. Teddy learns all about his alien heritage, and a renewed Kree/Skrull conflict, in the arc that established his parents: his father, Kree warrior Captain Mar-Vell, and his mother, Princess Anelle of the Skrulls.

Hulkling: Civil War

in Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways (2006) #1

As the public turns against Marvel's heroes, the gears of CIVIL WAR threaten to crush Los Angeles’ Runaways. But when Hulkling and the Young Avengers offer their assistance, how can the Runaways believe they're on the same side?

Avengers: The Children's Crusade

in Avengers: The Children's Crusade (2010) #1

With his reality-altering powers spiraling out of control, Wiccan sets out to find the one person who may be able to help him—the Scarlet Witch. But as Billy Kaplan embarks on this quest, he finds himself pitted against the Avengers, the X-Men, and even his teammates. Hulkling and Wiccan began their longtime love in this coming-of-age saga.

Style > Substance

in Young Avengers (2013) #1

New teammates, new adventures, and new realities! Read this MU favorite in full, a soapy, romantic, interdimensional rollick that adds Kid Loki, Ms. America, Prodigy, and Marvel Boy to the mix. Creators Kieron Gillen, Jamie Mckelvie, and Matt Wilson at their best.

Hulkling: Avenger

in New Avengers (2015) #1

After staving off one disaster after another in 2013’s YOUNG AVENGERS, Hulkling and Wiccan received bids to join former New Mutant Sunspot’s New Avengers. The couple enjoyed cushy new digs but a lot less free time.