Creator Spotlight

Darcie Little Badger's Must-Reads

The writer and geoscientist shares a few of her favorite stories! Read Darcie’s Marvel debut starring New Mutant Danielle Moonstar in MARVEL'S VOICES: INDIGENOUS VOICES #1, a collaboration with artist Kyle Charles!



Who Is Danielle Moonstar?

in The New Mutants Marvel Graphic Novel (1982)

Culture and heritage coexist with Dani’s other important facets. From the get-go, she made that clear to Professor X. In her first issue, Dani paired her uniform with leather boots and a turquoise-embellished belt. When the Professor demanded, “Danielle, you’re out of uniform. Please explain yourself,” she said, “I am Cheyenne. Nothing—no one—will ever make me forget or abandon my heritage. I am also an individual.”

Meet the New Mutants

in New Mutants (1983) #1

In junior high, shortly after a rack of assorted comic books in a village convenience store introduced me to the X-Men, I started reading the New Mutants. That was my first encounter with Dani. It was also my first encounter with a Native main character in any comic book—heck, make that in any speculative book, movie, or TV show. In many ways, I immediately related to Dani’s perspective.

Becoming a Valkyrie

in New Mutants Special Edition (1985) #1

Who is Dani Moonstar? Well, she’s a mutant hero. A vehemently loyal friend, an independent thinker, a successful teacher, an effective leader, and, an on-again/off-again Valkyrie. Like all Native folks, she’s many things simultaneously. In this issue, Dani bonds with winged horse Brightwind, leading to her Asgardian Valkyrie powers.

Dani Vs. Death

in New Mutants (1983) #41

I’m Lipan Apache. Dani is Cheyenne. Indigenous peoples are not a monolith! But we are all descendants of people who survived colonization. Dani’s showdown with death had a great impact. Here, Dani returned to her home on the rez where she tried to save the life of a former friend. When Death came for Pat it took the form of a cowboy, allowing Dani to challenge a figure from the “Old West” mythos. Of course, Dani won.

“I Was Made to Stop Gods.”

in Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus (2009) #1

The fact that Dani says “Stop!” to Ares, God of War, is enough reason to include this on my list.

Ride of the Valkyrie

in War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men (2019) #1

I enjoyed WAR OF THE REALMS, especially Dani's contribution. Read the full event, including Dani’s starring series, right now!