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First Wolverine Comic

in Wolverine (1988) #23

This comic is where I first met Wolverine. His battle with a reanimating spore saw him slash and “Snikt” a bulbous anomaly. The cover drew me in, but the action kept me coming back. James/Patch/Logan, no matter the name, this Canadian easily became my favorite character of all time.

Adventures of Aphra

in Darth Vader (2015) #8

This series written by Kieron Gillen introduces the coolest character since Boba Fett: Doctor Aphra (issue #3). Exploits of the galactic Indiana Jones take us to never-before-seen worlds in search of relics for her persistent overseer Vader. This episode of Aphra’s adventures reveals an imaginative heist with a bounty hunter Wookiee friend and a sleek sidekick droid.

“Sitting in a Tree”

in Spider-Man (2016) #12

This beginning to a classic storyline is little more than Miles telling friends his most recent adventure. Why is this important? Because it quickly becomes a mystery with perilous questions. What happens when a Super Hero has no one to turn to? What happened to Miles’ father? Where, or, more importantly, which Earth is Miles headed toward? These questions are masterfully intercut by writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Sam Wilson Takes the Shield

in All-New Captain America (2014) #1

Writer Rick Remender’s combo of Captain America and Falcon makes for a snack full of delicious surprises. With the help of Nomad, runner-up to the designation, All-New Cap Sam Wilson takes down a Hydra installation, rescuing a kid with unknown abilities. But the liberation doesn’t last long. Can Sam fill the enormous shoes left by the hundred-year-old super-duper Super-Soldier?

Night Thrasher

in Thor (1966) #412

I was a 90s kid, so it’s no wonder my favorite comic book hero to follow became Night Thrasher. With his rad G.I. Joe-inspired outfit and skateboard he was able to singlehandedly take on Juggernaut when Thor couldn’t. Of course, he reluctantly accepted the help of his “sidekicks,” the New Warriors, to take the “Unstoppable” down. But he did so in style.

Chris Claremont’s Debut

in Daredevil (1964) #102

If you knew me, as everyone does, you would say “Wait, this isn’t Ryan’s list! Where are the awesome, amazing, and uncanny X-Men?” Sure, I could read about Professor X’s students for days, but what better way to introduce yourself to the mutant folly than through legendary X-writer Chris Claremont’s first comic: this Daredevil Silver Age-like battle versus the worst villain of all time, Stilt-Man.

Original Sin Event

in Original Sin (2014) #1

Avengers… in Space! Checks all the boxes: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, (maybe Documentary?). The Watcher has been killed and the list of suspects is growing. The fight propagates throughout the galaxy intensifying with each battle. But, the one thing on everyone’s mind: What did Nick Fury whisper to Thor? What made the Thunder God become unworthy? Find out in the next exciting episode of—Avengers… in Space!