Character Close Up

Patriot: Elijah Bradley

Elijah Bradley is Patriot, a young hero that shares a familial legacy with Super-Soldiers and even a Captain America. Read up on the Bradley family history here, and learn more about this Young Avenger!


Captain America: Isaiah Bradley

in Truth: Red, White and Black (2003) #1

The maternal grandfather of Elijah Bradley, and the first family member to receive the Super-Soldier serum. Read Isaiah’s 1942 origin here, and see the experimental rebirth that led him to become one of the first Captain Americas.

Josiah X

in The Crew (2003) #5

Read issue #5 for the backstory of Eli’s uncle, AKA Josiah X. Codename “Josiah Smith” inherited a Super-Soldier’s strength along with his father’s genes. He would go on to uphold family tradition while serving in Vietnam.

Meet Elijah Bradley

in Young Avengers (2005) #1

Kind of. In Patriot’s first appearance we have no idea who is beneath the mask. In fact, all of the Young Avengers’ identities were up for speculation. The team leader’s history was teased out in the opening arc, along with his ties to Captain America. Wearing a uniform modeled after Bucky Barnes’ Golden Age era as Steve Rogers’ sidekick, Eli paid tribute to his grandpa's World War II history.

Becoming a Super-Soldier

in Young Avengers (2005) #12

After a fatal injury in issue #11 during a (renewed) Kree/Skrull War, Eli received a life-saving blood transfusion from Isaiah. In addition to a miraculous recovery, Eli gained his grandpa’s superhuman strength and endurance.

History Brought to Light

in Young Avengers Presents (2008) #1

In this “character close-up” issue, Eli reconciles with his unresolved feelings about Steve Rogers’ death in the aftermath to CIVIL WAR. Guest-starring the Winter Soldier.

Patriot: Shaun Lucas

in Falcon (2017) #1

The Patriot moniker has now been passed to Rayshaun “Shaun” Lucas, first introduced in the pages of CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON. In this solo run starring the avian Avenger, Falcon and protégé the Patriot team up with Doctor Voodoo against an occult threat that is gripping Chicago.