Marvel Universe

Love Story of Scarlet Witch and Vision

A love both beautiful and strange! Read the couple’s entire romantic history here, from a first meeting as Avengers, a first kiss, to marriage, children, and more.


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First Meeting

in Avengers (1963) #76

It began in the workplace. Scarlet Witch and Vision met while pursuing a higher calling with the Avengers. Their first on-panel meeting occurred when Wanda was taken to another dimension by Arkon, a tyrannical brute-overlord who wanted to make her his bride. Vision did his best to save Scarlet Witch, and she did hers to protect him, despite not knowing who he was! Read their “not exactly a meet-cute" moment.

First Spark

in Avengers (1963) #91

Between their tumultuous family ties, Scarlet Witch and Vision’s lives were ripe with conflict. But nothing gets in the way of chemistry! Their first flirtation happened during the KREE/SKRULL WAR, when both were taken captive at the mercy of Ronan. But Scarlet Witch’s bold move to show her affection was initially rejected! Her humanity was still overwhelming for the man made of wires, but Vizh did come around.

DTR or “Defining the Relationship”

in Avengers (1963) #108

Following this emotional foul play, Vision learned a few things about feelings and human relationships at large. In AVENGERS #108, he approached Wanda at a difficult time in her life (her beloved brother Pietro had gone missing), and offered a supportive shoulder for her to lean on. Emotionally available Vision 2.0 was ready to commit!

Proposal and a Wedding

in Giant-Size Avengers (1974) #4

After a remarkably short engagement, the couple wasted no time in planning a wedding. Well, sort of. Wanda and Vizh jumped on an opportunity to get married right away, sharing their big day with fellow Avenger Mantis and her soon-to-be husband, a Cotati-plant man doppelgänger of her ex-boyfriend Swordsman. Read this delightful double-wedding, arguably one of the stranger nuptials in Marvel history.

The Honeymoon

in Avengers (1963) #137

Time off! Scarlet Witch and Vision vacationed on a French Polynesian island for their honeymoon. Vision reluctantly wore a bathing suit for the first time, something Wanda relished. See some other tender moments from their time off in AVENGERS (1963) #137-139!

First Home

in Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1982) #1

During the period in which the newlyweds departed the Avengers for a stint, they settled down in the suburbs of Leonia, New Jersey, building their first home together in 1982’s limited series VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH. See what challenges they faced as a married couple without the team. Nosy neighbors, trick-or-treaters, Super Villain siblings... it’s a wonder they made it out alive!

First Year

in Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) #1

During their first year of marriage, the twosome experienced changes and hardships. After they rejoined the Avengers and Vision was named Chairman of the team, he became distracted and the pressures added strain. Then, they lost their first home to an anti-superhuman group! But the haters didn’t get them down. Wanda and Vizh purchased a new home and began rebuilding in soapy style with this “year in the life” series!

Then Came Twins...

in Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) #12

As part of their new chapter, the couple became parents to healthy twin boys! But how? Thanks to Wanda’s skill in chaos magic, she was able to create “Billy” and “Tommy” using her reality-altering powers. Though it wasn’t long before the truth came out. As revealed by Scarlet Witch’s friend Agatha Harkness, the twins were in fact missing soul shards of the demonic Mephisto, which when returned to him ceased to exist.

The Separation

in West Coast Avengers (1985) #44

Read the “Vision Quest” saga through issue #45. When Vision was disassembled during his West Coast run, he returned to the team reprogrammed and without memories of his wife. Once Hank Pym restored Vision’s data he became subdued, but Scarlet Witch still had difficulty reconnecting. Vision eventually ripped off the Band-Aid by breaking up with Wanda over the phone while she recovering from her spell with Immortus.

“Death” of Vision

in Avengers (1998) #500

In the grief of losing her twins, Wanda tried to recreate them. In vain. With her reality-manipulation powers, she caused several events instead that led to Vision crashing a Quinjet into Avengers Mansion. After this accident, Vision melted, and several Ultron-like beings emerged from his mouth. In the fight that followed, She-Hulk’s rage reigned supreme and she ended up destroying Vision in one brutal move.

An Inevitable Confrontation

in Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012)

After Tony Stark rebuilt Vision, the automaton rejoined the Avengers. Shortly thereafter, Avengers member Carol Danvers invited Scarlet Witch back to the mansion to reunite with her friends. Let’s just say that when Vision and Scarlet Witch came face-to-face after she used him to attack their friends, it was a powerful reminder of the love they had lost.

The Past Reflected

in Vision (2015) #7

Read this Eisner-award winning run about Vision and his suburban Synthezoid family in full. Like a dream mixed with good and bad memories, Vision revisits his love for Scarlet Witch in this haunting issue.