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Wolverine, Cable, and the Hellions confront chaos and/or deceit in this week’s X OF SWORDS. And, the secret history of Black Widow: Yelena Belova! Find fresh reading and entry points with this week’s additions.


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Pick of the Week

in Cable (2020) #6

A son. The stars. A Fool and his bravery. Cable begins to untap the potential in the Light of Galador.

Marvel's Voices

in Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices (2020) #1

The industry’s top Native American and Indigenous talent make their Marvel debuts with a collection of super-charged stories. Featuring celebrated writer and artist Jeffrey Veregge.

X of Swords Tie-In

in X-Force (2019) #14

Chivalry gives way to fury as Wolverine makes good on a bargain.

X of Swords Tie-In

in Hellions (2020) #6

A hero returns in the Hellions’ standalone mission to destroy Saturnyne’s tournament from within.

“Last Remains”

in The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #53

If you think you’ve seen a brutal Spider-Man fight before, you are wrong. Do not miss this issue.

MU Favorite

in Immortal Hulk (2018) #40

So here’s the skinny: Hulk is stuck in an iron hotel built just for him, and there’s a new Sasquatch guarding the door. If he gets through him—and the rest of Gamma Flight—all he wins is an airlock to open space. It’s a rigged game, but Joe Fixit never learned how to lose.


in Widowmakers: Red Guardian and Yelena Belova (2020) #1

Yelena has spent years trying to figure out who she is. Once she thought the Black Widow mantle was her destiny, but fate had other plans. Now the past is catching up with her—and with Alexi Shostakov, AKA the Red Guardian!

King in Black

in Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black (2020) #1

Knull, the King in Black, has set his sights on Earth—but as avid Marvelites already know, his hand has been at work at the edge of the Marvel Universe for years...

Series Finale

in Sword Master (2019) #12

Read the family legacy of Sword Master in full. With the help of Shuangshuang and her grandmother, the chief of the Nu Wa Clan, the Sword Master confronts the past. But he’ll also discover a big clue as to his missing father’s fate.

MU Favorite

in Juggernaut (2020) #3

Juggernaut on trial! It’s no secret Juggernaut has been on the wrong side of the law in the past… but can even justice stop him?