Character Close Up

Baron Zemo

The son of scientific genius Heinrich Zemo and his wife Hilda, Helmut is the thirteenth in line to the “Baron” title that has defined his family’s legacy. He has followed in his father’s steps as a mastermind of strategy and warfare, even wearing a similar hood to cover his own disfigurement from Adhesive X. A foe of Captain America and the Avengers, Zemo has persevered through his ties to Hydra.


“Cut Off One Head”

in Falcon & Winter Soldier (2020) #1

A window-smashing, table-breaking brawl for it all: Who will be the next Hydra Supreme? Zemo and a potential new leader vie for control as their own heads of Hydra.


in Captain America (1968) #168

In his first appearance as the costumed “Phoenix,” Helmut revealed the story of his parentage to Captain America, an interconnected history between the Avenger and Helmut’s father, Heinrich. But Helmut’s determination to recreate Adhesive X backfired when he accidentally fell into a vat of the corrosive chemical!

Meet the Baron

in Captain America (1968) #276

A Baron is born! Forged in the acidity of Adhesive X, Zemo returned with renewed vengeance and a fresh look. And this time he brought company. An ambush from a false lead brought Captain America face-to-face with the newly minted Baron and Arnim Zola!

Master of Evil

in Avengers (1963) #273

Read the “Avengers: Under Siege” arc through issue #277. In one of his more notable schemes, Zemo assembled the fourth incarnation of the “Masters of Evil,” continuing his reign of terror alongside villains like Moonstone, the Absorbing Man, and more. Earth’s Mightiest are taken completely unawares when Avengers Mansion falls from within!

Citizen V

in Incredible Hulk (1962) #449

The first appearance of Citizen V! Sporting a new “Super Hero” identity, Zemo and his Thunderbolts were on the scene in Arizona to subdue the Hulk... and to spread their own public message.

Leader of the Thunderbolts

in Thunderbolts (1997) #1

Zemo was the team leader in this long-running favorite featuring a crew of “reformed” Super Villains who were (formerly) Masters of Evil. In a world sorely missing its heroes, the Thunderbolts stepped up to fill the void.

“Born Better”

in Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo - Born Better (2007) #1

Helmut Zemo versus family history! He is the last of thirteen, taught for his entire life that he was born better. So then why has he always failed? Having been sent hurtling through time to the year 1503, Zemo has a chance to encounter the truth of his family as it happened in the past... by meeting the legendary Baron Harbin Zemo.

“No Escape”

in Captain America (2004) #606

Read through issue #610 for Bucky Barnes’ epic battle against Zemo! Picking up where his father left off, Helmut vows to destroy the all-new Captain America when he discovers unfinished business from Heinrich’s World War II regime. The stunning aftermath to CIVIL WAR.

Avengers Standoff

in Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill (2016) #1

Read the complete AVENGERS STANDOFF event! While enclosed in a suburban bubble created by the Cosmic Cube, an amnesiac man named “Jim” peels back the layers to learn the secrets behind “Pleasant Hill”... including its many prisoners.

Secret Empire

in Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #11

By telling an “inverse” origin story, a Cosmic Cube-influenced Captain America convinces Baron Zemo to form an alliance based on their “years of friendship.” Read the complete SECRET EMPIRE now to see how Steve Rogers climbed Hydra’s ranks.