Character Close Up

Falcon: Joaquin Torres

Human/falcon hybrid Joaquín Torres gained his abilities of flight and healing through experimentation. While partnered with Captain America: Sam Wilson, he earned his status as a hero, fighting under the name Falcon to inspire freedom and decency. In addition to an organic set of wings, he also shares a psychic connection to Wilson’s falcon, Redwing.


The Backstory

in Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #1

The newly minted Cap accepts a mission from a concerned grandmother regarding her grandson, a Samaritan for new immigrants at the U.S. border. While distributing crucial supplies in the Arizona desert, Mexican-American Torres was apprehended by the Sons of the Serpent...

Marvel Debut

in Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #3

After being handed over to symbiotic scientist Dr. Karl Malus, Joaquín forcibly underwent a hybridizing treatment to become Malus’ ideal vision of man—a vampiric human with super-powered animal senses. Captain America’s exchange with Malus turned him into a “Cap Wolf” temporarily, but in Joaquín’s case, the transformation was permanent.

Becoming Falcon

in Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #5

Although becoming a half-vampire falcon-man wasn’t exactly a life goal, Joaquín embraced his new powers of flight, healing, and agility. Malus’ mutations left him in a state of physiological “unrest,” but Torres still soared into action to save Cap from the jaws of the Serpent Society. A Falcon gets his wings!

Sidekick to Sam

in Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #17

Following his first turn as the Falcon, Joaquín remained in the care and custody of Sam Wilson, Misty Knight, and Dennis Dunphy, AKA D-Man. As a member of “Team Cap,” Falcon’s enthusiasm and insight made him a natural choice to fill Sam Wilson’s shoes. But when the press began to churn out negative coverage of his citizenship, the all-new Falcon got a nasty dose of public opinion.

Secret Empire

in Secret Empire (2017) #1

Captain America: Steve Rogers—sleeper agent for Hydra! Under the Cosmic Cube’s influence, Rogers used the trust he had gained in Earth’s heroes to shift the United States toward a new order. Read Falcon’s role with the Underground, the coalition of heroes acting as the resistance.

A Champion of Champions

in Champions (2016) #16

When Steve Rogers was restored as his original (non-Hydra’d) self, Joaquín resumed his work at the U.S./Mexico border as a member of the Champions. Guest-starring Elijah Bradley, AKA Patriot.

“Champions Charge!”

in Champions (2019) #1

The Champions gone global! Joaquín continues the good fight under Ms. Marvel’s collective of young, international heroes. The world needs its Champions... but does it want them?