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An all-new age of X-Men from powerhouse creators Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia! These fearless mutants are now off the island, picking up their mission in New York City to protect and save a world we all share. Find other new series and starting points with this week’s additions.


Pick of the Week

in X-Men (2021) #1

Things might be complicated between the nation of Krakoa and the rest of the world, but to the X-Men, it’s all simple. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Sunfire, Rogue, Wolverine, Synch and Polaris are the chosen champions of mutantkind, and they will not shrink from any battle for their home planet.

World War She-Hulk

in Avengers (2018) #46

After the shocking events of “Enter the Phoenix,” the Earth has become more fractured and volatile than ever. Once She-Hulk is declared a global menace, Russia’s mightiest heroes, the Winter Guard, are tasked with bringing Jen to justice, to face a fate no Hulk could hope to endure!

Infinity Comics

in X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic (2021) #7

Wolverine is on the trail in part 3 of Nature Girl’s “X-Men: Green.”

Reign of X

in X-Force (2019) #21

Beast plants the seeds, X-Force pulls the weeds. But not if Man-Slaughter has anything to say about it!

Sinister War Prelude

in The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #70

The Sinister War will turn Spidey’s life upside-down, but the fact that “King’s Ransom” and “Chameleon Conspiracy” already did that, might give you an idea of how hard this is going to be for Peter Parker...

MU Favorite

in Immortal Hulk (2018) #48

Questioning himself after his recent confrontations, the Hulk turns to the one person who always understood him—only too well. It’s time for truths to be told. But will it be Betty Banner who tells them... or the Red Harpy?

Series Finale

in Thor & Loki: Double Trouble (2021) #4

It’s Thor vs. Loki for all the marbles! Or really, just one marble: the sphere that has the power to send Thor and Loki home! Will these two battling brothers find their way back to Asgard at last?

Staff Pick

in Extreme Carnage Alpha (2021) #1

As the dust continues to settle after KING IN BLACK, Eddie Brock won’t be the only one learning to adjust to a new normal. Collectively called the Life Foundation, symbiotes Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony have tried to reconcile the sometimes-noble intentions of their hosts with their often-bloodthirsty impulses. But the Life Foundation symbiotes aren’t the only ones with a part to play in this story...

Reign of X

in Hellions (2020) #13

Don't worry! Mister Sinister is fine! Eh, not really. And it looks like his clone is returning to Krakoa to claim the cape… and also destroy the Hellions!