Character Close Up


The current host of the Phoenix Force! Echo, AKA Maya Lopez, possesses photographic reflexes and superhuman physicality. She is a prodigy, a master combatant, and deaf. All the things that make Echo unique make her perfectly suited to bear an omnipotent, cosmic force.


Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen

in Daredevil (1998) #9

Echo made her first appearance as a potential enemy of Daredevil. She is introduced as a world-renowned concert pianist and expert fighter raised by the Kingpin. This is just the tip of her complicated upbringing.

Moonlit Melee

in Daredevil (1998) #11

Maya and Matt Murdock spend an entire day getting to know each other. After they say their goodbyes, they later say hello again as adversaries under the moonlight. All thanks to Kingpin, Echo believed Daredevil was the man who killed her father!

It was Kingpin All Along

in Daredevil (1998) #15

Echo’s acceptance of the truth about who killed her father leads her right back to the man she once considered a surrogate father.

Echoes of the Past

in Daredevil (1998) #52

Maya leaves New York again to go to her father’s Cheyenne reservation to visit with the Chief she took counsel from as a child. This return to her roots sparks the restart of her life!

Enter: Ronin

in New Avengers (2004) #11

Maya shows up to assist the New Avengers with the Hand and Hydra using the ninja identity of Ronin. Yes, she was indeed Ronin before Clint Barton and was recruited by Captain America. Maya reveals to her fellow Avengers that she was Ronin in issue #13.

Skrull Conspiracy Theory

in New Avengers (2004) #39

Now a member of the Avengers, Echo gets a hard lesson in what happens when you underestimate the Skrulls and their plans to invade Earth. A romantic involvement with Clint Barton has an unexpected fallout.

Moon Knight Team-Up

in Moon Knight (2010) #2

With the events of SECRET INVASION now over, Maya goes undercover in Los Angeles to infiltrate a seedy organization. Moon Knight blows her cover, leading to the two of them working together to find out who LA’s Kingpin is.

Deceived by Loki

in Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices (2020) #1

Echo finds herself on an alien planet that reminds her of home and some of the painful memories that she’s tried to keep at bay. What greater purpose does the Trickster God have for this Avenger?

Enter the Phoenix

in Avengers (2018) #42

The planet-burning cosmic firebird known as the Phoenix Force has returned—and the world’s greatest heroes and villains are drawn into a globe-spanning battle to become its new host! Echo and Namor have an epic fight under the sea to determine the one true Phoenix...