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Uatu the Watcher faces a Reckoning in the midst of Earth’s invasion! Plus, the bloodcurdling Carnage series you’ve been waiting for, Thanos relishes his role as the Eternals’ ruler, and more series and entry points from this week’s additions.


Pick of the Week

in Reckoning War: Trial Of The Watcher (2022) #1

In all of the Multiverse, there is only one “What If” world that Uatu has avoided watching. And now it will be revealed—the story that could damn him for all time... Guest-starring the Fantastic Four, Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

New Series

in Carnage (2022) #1

Creator Ram V has carved a perfect home for himself in the symbiote corner of the Marvel U, and in this all-new ongoing series starring Venom’s most notorious offspring, that corner is about to get bigger…and bloodier! After the revelations of CARNAGE FOREVER, this is one symbiote story you cannot afford to miss!

Eternals Special

in Eternals: The Heretic (2022) #1

Thanos is now ruler of the Eternals! But believe it or not…he's actually NOT the worst leader that the Eternals' society has ever seen. Meet Uranos, the Undying. And may the Celestials have mercy on your souls.

Readers' Favorite

in Avengers (2018) #54

Doctor Doom and his Multiversal Masters of Evil have come hunting Deathloks. And now there’s only one Deathlok left, trapped inside the rubble of a besieged Avengers Mountain. Just in time for a new group of Avengers to rise from the ruins, with new members and at least one Avenger having been wildly transformed!

Star Wars

in Star Wars: The Halcyon Legacy (2022) #2

The Halcyon comes under fire from pirates—with little chance of escape! Who is the mysterious Resistance spy on board that may lead to the fiery end of the ship's 275-year run?