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Ant-Man: The Origin

Celebrating 60 years of Ant-Man! Go big with the world’s smallest hero with ant-astic adventures that take you right back to the beginning. And, pick up four-part series ANT-MAN (2022) in print and digital comic shops now for more special anniversary stories!


First Appearance

in Tales to Astonish (1959) #27

Creators Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby present “The Man in the Ant Hill,” the origin story of Hank Pym! Read on for his adventures with (future) fellow Avenger, the winsome Wasp.

Meet the Protector

in Tales to Astonish (1959) #37

Ant-Man meets a new foe in the Protector! But will this jewelry thief succumb to Pym's insect army?

Kulla the Witch

in Tales to Astonish (1959) #41

Ant-Man, whisked away to another dimension! Hank Pym discovers that fellow scientists have up and gone missing. Behind these disappearances? Kulla, a warmongering interdimensional witch!

“The Mad Master of Time”

in Tales to Astonish (1959) #43

Ant-Man falls victim to the Time Master, and now he's aging much faster than he should! But when the battle becomes personal, this “Mad Master of Time” may regret his reckless actions.

Wasp’s First Appearance

in Tales to Astonish (1959) #44

Janet Van Dyne, the founding Avenger known as Wasp, has enchanted Marvel fans since her first appearance in this classic ‘ish! With a flair for fashion and fighting, Wasp has evolved from fun-loving socialite to bona fide hero.

“Music to Scream By!”

in Tales to Astonish (1959) #47

Petty thief and jazz musician Trago gains the hypnotic powers of a mystic! Now, the music that Trago plays controls the will of anyone who listens! How can Ant-Man and Wasp take down a foe this persuasive?