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Marvel Insider Jason C. from Missouri shares their “Great Eight” Thunderbolt comics! Become a Marvel Insider today, and earn points to redeem for exclusive rewards just for being a Marvel fan—including the chance to assemble your own Reading List for thousands of fellow fans.


Meet the Thunderbolts

in Thunderbolts (1997) #1

The comic that turned me into a True Believer! This is easily my all-time favorite Marvel comic. Everyone knows the plot twist by now but this issue is still an essential classic that should be on everyone’s list.

Team Leader Hawkeye

in Thunderbolts (1997) #34

If you love Hawkeye: Clint Barton then you’ll absolutely love this issue. Hawkeye leads the team against Hulk and in the grip of defeat he is left with an impossible decision. A fantastic start to Fabian Nicieza’s run with Mark Bagley knocking the art out of park.

Songbird Spotlight

in Thunderbolts (2006) #171

Another great character spotlight only this time with my all-time favorite hero, Songbird! Not only is it one of writer Jeff Parker’s best, but Kev Walker on art was an absolute standout.

Flashback Special

in Thunderbolts (1997) #-1

We have a flashback featuring every team member and it’s such a fascinating look at their pasts. From villainous starts to tragic beginnings. It’s a wonderful mosaic that really deepens these characters and their motivations.

Red Hulk's Thunderbolts

in Thunderbolts Annual (2013) #1

A really fun issue starring the Red Hulk’s team, the deadliest group in the history of the ‘Bolts. Plus we get to see a possessed Doctor Strange in his underwear. ‘Nuff said.

"Faith in Monsters"

in Thunderbolts (2006) #110

This changed the entire dynamic and foundation of the Thunderbolts concept. A darker and more violent take that would set up a whole new era after CIVIL WAR and go all the way past the DARK REIGN event.

The Dark Avengers

in Thunderbolts (2006) #174

This was the final issue before the title switched over to the DARK AVENGERS. Thanks to some time travel shenanigans, Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts clash with the original Thunderbolts. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the title’s anniversary at the time.

Versus the Avengers

in Avengers (1998) #12

The Thunderbolts collide with the Avengers yet again but come together to defeat the giant robot Dominex! I love this issue because of the legendary artist George Pérez. Seeing him draw the ‘Bolts is beyond worth the price of admission.