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Captain America's Best Moments

For over eight decades, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Captain America has blazed a trail as a comic book icon and earned his place among the top heroes in the Marvel Universe. During most of that time, Steve Rogers has been the man behind the shield. Steve may not be the only Captain America, but his inspiring journey continues in ongoing series, CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY (2022)!


Cap Proves His Identity

in Avengers (1963) #4

Steve Rogers’ first appearance in the Silver Age of the Marvel Universe happened in the fourth issue of AVENGERS (1963). Earth’s Mightiest Heroes found Steve floating in the ice after he spent decades in suspended animation. After taking a moment to compose himself, Steve proved his identity as Captain America by challenging all of the Avengers at once. His considerable skills quickly turned the team into believers.

Captain America Must Die!

in Captain America (1968) #176

Following the final defeat of the Secret Empire in issue #175, Steve Rogers despaired when he learned that the conspiracy that nearly took down America was led by a high ranking government official. Cap was so disheartened that he questioned the need for Captain America. This was also the first time that Steve truly realized that he could no longer blindly follow orders from the government.

“Let Steve Who Is Worthy”

in Thor (1966) #390

Thor’s hammer states "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." For a long time, it was a short list of characters who lived up to that standard. In context, this moment happened when Thor had some questions about a conflict between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. When the forces of Seth arrived and overpowered Thor, Cap was able to lift Mjolnir, throwing it to its rightful owner.

Reclaiming the Mantle

in Captain America (1968) #350

During this period, Steve Rogers was going by “The Captain” following his disillusionment in the government. That’s why John Walker was drafted to become the new Captain America. Unfortunately for everyone, Walker wasn’t up to the role. Naturally, this was part of the Red Skull’s larger plan. And it all came to a head when Rogers and Walker came to blows. In defeat, even Walker conceded that Rogers was one true Cap.

Facing Death

in Captain America (1968) #443

A few years later, Steve learned that the Super-Soldier Serum in his blood was failing him. Regardless, Rogers decided to continue being a hero and he used a suit of armor to enhance his fading strength. But by issue #443, Steve’s time was up. After being warned that he had only hours to live, Steve tied up the loose ends in his life to ensure that the things he fought for continued even if Captain America did not.

The Death of Captain America

in Captain America (2004) #25

In the aftermath to CIVIL WAR, Steve Rogers was facing trial for his actions before Crossbones attempted to assassinate him. A brainwashed Sharon Carter finished the job as the Red Skull finally secured his victory. Yet even in death the spirit of Captain America endured. Steve Rogers’ demise lit a fire under Winter Soldier and the Falcon. Bucky went on to become the new Captain America to carry on the legacy.

The Return of Captain America

in Captain America: Reborn (2009) #6

The Red Skull had more insidious plans for Steve Rogers than simply killing him. Instead of dying when he was struck by bullets, Steve became unstuck in time. In CAPTAIN AMERICA: REBORN, Steve not only forced Red Skull’s mind out of his body, he also led the Avengers against the Red Skull. Fighting alongside Cap for the first time in years galvanized the Avengers, and that helped carry them through the SIEGE event.

A New Cap

in Captain America (2012) #25

Following his time in Dimension Z, Steve Rogers was stripped of his youth when his Super-Soldier Serum was rendered inert. Rather than accepting defeat, Steve found new ways to continue. Eventually, Steve acknowledged that the mantle should go to his friend, Sam Wilson. Sam’s run as Cap led to a larger role in the Marvel Universe, even though he briefly returned to the Falcon name. Sam is once again Captain America.